asmr domains for sale

😁 There are 2 domains for sale here 🎧

First is the traditional web2 domain,
So instead of .com, you have .community.

As someone who watches ASMR basically everyday, I’m proud to own this domain, and I want to keep it in the community.

Second, we have asmrcommunity.eth
This domain is good for web3 applications!

Instead of being a piece of information stored on a corporate server, web3 domains are stored on the blockchain.
To learn more about .eth domains, check out

If you are interested in purchasing this set of domains, I prefer to recieve ethereum.
How do we do that? Simple!

You will purchase asmrcommunity.eth, which is an NFT, using LooksRare or Opensea.
I will contact you directly, and transfer ownership of to your chosen entity.

You can contact me prior to purchasing the NFT also, that’s probably what I would do.

Thank You for your interest in ASMR!

x. Spark Twain 🤠