Video Of The Day 7 [GoodnightMoon]

Goodnight Moon

For well over a year now, I have been a fan of Goodnight Moon. Her videos entwine a fantastical side, which the asmriverse was lacking before she came along. One thing that really relaxes me, when it’s done right, is having music in an ASMR video [plus she released a version without music].

Madi ASMR Reviews Zoom H6

Madi ASMR title image

The day was Sunday, December 2nd of 2018. T’was a good day to start something new! Both Madi ASMR and myself were glued to the same vibe: try something new. She started her ASMR channel on that Sunday, and has since come to garner over 45 million views, and just last night she hit 300k […]