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Happy 4th of July! - An Article About Financial Freedom

Running an ASMR channel is, essentially, running a small business. You spend time working on projects, and you must find a way to pay yourself for your time so that you can continue to work on your projects. Have a look at the Size Standards page of the U.S. Small Business Administration website if you are wondering what a small business would look like on paper.

Asmrtist’s as individuals, and groups that practice well-studied business tactics and practices are more likely to find success in their field, as long as the content they produce is something consumers want. It doesn’t matter what you are selling if consumers don’t want it. Sadly, not every individual that has a desire and passion for making ASMR is going to find monetary gain in the field, and further more it can be expected that the field will become more and more difficult to enter as time goes on. Innovation and hardwork get redefined everyday, but so does success. If you are an asmrtist, or an individual interested in working in the field of ASMR [hopefully because you are interested in it’s perceived medical benefits or it’s unstudied nature], goal setting and planning are going to be your best friends on this journey to success.

Last week, or maybe two weeks ago now, I published this article about ways to grow your ASMR channel. Originally it was titled ‘4 Reasons Your ASMR Channel Isn’t Growing,’ which is a blatantly bad title; it just sounds negative. For that reason, I changed the title. Nevermindthat, what’s important is that today, I am expanding on that article with 4 advanced ways to grow your asmr channel.

Before we dive into some of my wild ideas, remember! I am just some dude who writes a blog on the internet, and there is no reason to think or existing proof that these ideas I am about to discuss should or will have any positive affect on your life, and everything written on this blog is just my opinion. If you read any of my writing and decide to take action as a result, you are knowledgeable that that idea and action are solely of your own responsibility and accord, and that I, as the owner of ASMR.Community and, am not responsible for any possible outcomes or results experienced.

Okay, let’s roll the dice on life.

1. Work with other Asmrtists

Collaborations are becoming more and more common within the ASMR Community. Very recently Batala from Batala’s ASMR released this collaboration on her channel, featuring ASMR Sharm, Tucker Tingles, Mia ASMR, ASMR Jay, Nana Naji ASMR, Annura’s ASMR, and Sung Mook. Whew! What a list! Now that’s how you do a collaboration! Plus, it was in celebration of Juneteenth, which is something everybody in America [and the world] should be happy to celebrate. I love any reason to celebrate, but while some holiday’s serve minor purposes, Juneteenth exists in remembrance of the day that the last slaves were freed in the United States. That was in 1865. Look how far we’ve come-ish!

A collaboration video for a good cause generates conversation, which his important even outside the ASMR Community. In addition, collabs help expose the asmrtists in the video to each-others audiences. This is highly beneficial for the growth of each individual channel participating in the collaboration.

What does that mean for you? Well, if you haven’t already, it would be wise to practice your networking skills by communicating with, and working with other asmrtists. This way you not only expose your brand to new audiences, but you also create relationships within your industry. However…I think we can dive a little deeper, and make some larger predictions about the ASMR industry as a whole.

2. Form an Entity with other Asmrtists

Let’s look at three asmrtists that recently either commented or were mentioned in this thread on Twitter, which was a conversation about the article I mentioned earlier. ASMR Destiny, My ASMR Addiction, and NightBlossom Audios. It is of my belief that those asmrtists would have more power together than they do alone. Let’s add more asmrtists into the mix: The Waterwhispers, Accidentally Graceful, Phonecian Sailor, Silver Hare, TirarADeguello, Hermetic Kitten, YoungPrince ASMR; the list could go on and on. All of these asmrtists are powerful on their own, but if groups of them worked together, and within those groups them all published some of their content onto a conglomerate YouTube channel, it is possible that that channel would end up with more subscribers than any of their channels alone, and would require less work from each individual, as they would be able to delegate tasks to each other which benefited each-individuals strengths. Whoever enjoys maintaining the YouTube channel would do that, and whoever was enjoys designing costumes would do that, and whoever enjoys video editing would do that. Further still, if an asmr conglomerate decided to hire-out for any of their tasks, they would be able to attract high quality worker with the large amount of work they offer [I speak of hiring content editors mostly].

Gibi owns Zees, and that’s basically an ASMR Corporation; she is perhaps the most business orientated asmrtist out there. Instead of viewers having thousands of asmrtists to keep track of, we could give the viewers options of different ASMR tribes to choose from. If several asmrtists all publish content on the same channel, they are likely to generate more money together than any of them do alone, and this is due to the ability to work together on advertising campaigns.

3. Purchase Content from other Asmrtists

If you believe your ASMR content is really good, and would do well from a boost in popularity, I will tell you of a brand new crazy idea I came up with: buy other asmrtists content. Yes, you heard me correct: I believe that individuals who purchase content from larger named asmrtist, and gain exclusive rights to those video’s upon purchase with the agreement that they can be monetized under the purchasers YouTube channel, will profit from their investment. If you paid $500 to have the exclusive rights to put a popular asmrtists video on your channel, but you gained 10k followers from that video, would that not have been worth the investment? I’m not entirely sure how the YouTube algorithm works, but I believe it will recognize faces, so if a popular YouTuber suddenly appears on your channel, I believe it will push that video to the audience of the individual in the video, as long as the individual is on YouTube and has a significant following. Are you following me? Remember I am just some dude who writes a blog, and I am not a business expert and I have no proof that any of the ideas I talk about have any basis in reality, and I have no proof that any of what I am saying will work, but I believe it will work, and so I am writing it.

4. Form a Corporation with other Asmrtists and purchase content

Of all the ways our little Community could lose control, the entrance of outside corporations and entities would be the most likely. It is for this reason we must take full control of our very autonomous economy. A group of asmrtists that got together and started purchasing the exclusive rights to publish other creators work, would soon find themselves in a lucrative position. Asmrtists can sell individual videos without losing control of their creativity, and in fact it would even help to boost their brand appearing on as many channels as possible. Individuals or groups that can identify up-and-coming asmrtists [such as ASMR Haven or Starling ASMR], and then purchase the exclusive rights to some of the content those asmrtists create, have a possibility to profit off of purchasing that content. On the other side of things, a group of small asmrtists can get together and purchase content from larger named asmrtists in order to promote their conglomerate channel.

“Hi! You probably know me from my channel G_________n, but today I’m doing an exclusive for the A_________s channel, because I love the content they are creating! I was just listening to this video [shows second video in corner] last week when I was studying. Mmm so good! So when they asked if I wanted to do an exclusive for their channel, of course I had to say yes! If you don’t know about the A________s channel, then make sure to check them out! All you have to do is hit the subscribe button and that little notification bell, and then you will be reminded when they put out their next video and you can check them out! I just know you’re going to love this channel. So! Anyway, let’s get into it! Today I have for you, some wooden blocks…”

What kind of professional blogger is randomly breaking out into a screenplay halfway through their articles? Then again, who else is proposing the idea of purchasing content with an initial investment, in order to profit in the long run, not only from the add revenue of the purchased content, but also the long term benefit of a subscriber boost. AGAIN! A lot of this might depend on if the YouTube algorithm suggests video based on who is in the video, and not just where it is coming from. Yall are the YouTubers, and so please let me know about that haha. I usually just write, and then I learn, and I write more later. Is it as effective as a well-researched article? Maybe not, but you get the long term benefit of observing my learning process, as I am recording it with these and many other blog posts. OKAY, I DIGRESS!

5. Bonus tip: Start an ASMR Advertising Agency

Advertising and ASMR go hand in hand, just how all visual content has always gone hand-in-hand with advertising. I’ve been intrigued by advertising since I was quite young. It’s an efficient way we have found as a humanity to propel our economy forward, and although it is faith based, it’s also proven itself time and time again.

For an individual that has high level gear and a massive level of experience, starting an ASMR advertising agency could turn out to be quite a good acclimation of time. Here’s an idea: a group of asmrtists get together, and they produce their own advertisements. Collectively they have between 50k and 150k subscribers, and they start a brand new YouTube channel on which they all publish content, and they do not monetize any of the videos, and they tell their existing subscribers about this new project, so immediately the channel would get at least some subscribers. Then they work with an advertiser directly, and create an ASMR advertisement which is both effective at marketing, and relaxing. Then the conglomerate would be able play that advertisement at the beginning of any video. So you film the ad once, and then you just play it at the beginning of all the videos on the new YouTube channel.

In a group of asmrtists, one of them might be more skilled, or more interested in creating the asmrvertisements, and so that individual would film the ‘commercial’ as it were, and that commercial would play before every video on the channel. If it was 5 asmrtists that started said channel, and they were bringing in 250k views per months [vs 50k each on their own], they would charge an advertiser more than each asmrtist could alone, and on top of that the conglomerate would charge extra for an asmr specific advertisement, which has a much better chance of appealing to the viewship than a computer-targeted YouTube ad. The advertisement could even be run on other ASMR channels, with the creator simply getting paid for splicing the advertisement into their video. This would be beneficial for all members of the ASMR Community, as it would help smaller creators get much needed cash to improve their channels, and it would give outside companies a direct way to work with and support our Community, which has a lot of money left on the table! All that being said, I do not see why if one of the members of the Community does not take a step in this direction, an outside entity would not learn the market, and do exactly as I have spoken.


The latest episode of Business Casual, which is a podcast, hosts a conversation supporting some of the observations I have made here today. “We’ve learned how to monetize scale,” – Delia Cai.

That is exactly why asmrtists need to ban together, and overall find more efficient ways to monetize themselves. There is a lot of money in the ASMR Community, because views equate to ad-dollars. To think that there is money left on the table in the ASMR Community would be a correct thought, and as an individual that cares about the ASMR Community, for you to work diligently and pick up that leftover money before outsiders come in and try to obtain it, would be a demonstration of ethical capitalism.

If you are going to create ASMR videos for people to view, you are going to generate views and potential revenue, however in order to make sure you are optimizing your revenue it is important to understand how it works. I sincerely hope what I have written here today inspires you to think outside the box when it comes to understanding how the economy of the ASMR Community works.

Individuals that are confident investing their time will find the most benefit in collaboration work with other asmrtists. Individuals that are confident investing their money will find the most benefit in collaboration with other asmrtists.

x. Spark Twain

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