5 asmr videos to help with anxiety right now

I have struggled with anxiety, and panic attacks in the past, and it’s a feeling that no one deserves. Right now, allow me to guide you through 5 amazing videos ~ videos that I honestly to God believe can help you conquer anxiety!

The Direct Approach

This first video is from ediyasmr, and it is one of the most amazing ASMR videos to help with anxiety that I have ever come across in my life ~ and I’ve watched a lot of asmr!

Ediy conducts powerful magick and she has a powerful aura ~ her colors frolic and dance like a field of wildflowers. You can ~ and should ~ allow her softness, and the sounds she creates to envelope your panick and develop your own magick. Breathe. and then breathe again.

The Dog Approach

Tony is a veteran in the Asmriverse. He’s your favorite asmrtist’s favorite asmrtist ~ I’m sure of it! He’s one of the hardest working Asmrtists on planet Earth, and his content is timeless. If you haven’t checked out his website ~ You’re missing out! ~ You can get personalized services related to ASMR, Spirituality, and Holistic Wellness.

The video above is a great option for people who are suffering from anxiety ~ even crippling anxiety. It’s short, sweet, and to the point. Tony and Pacco create a beautiful distraction, and prove that eleven minutes is all it takes to find bliss.

The Long/Short Approach

This video has been a favorite of mine since Pierre first published it. He has an eclectic touch to the microphone ~ something that most others only wishper they had.

Very funny.

Pierre knows how to transmute kindness and love through videography and quaint sounds. It’s within your power to let him into your life, and I really think you should.

The New New Approach

She’s going to call you Sweetheart but don’t let that intimidate you [You’re shy, I know]. The lady at Targee’ calls you Sweeheart, and you should think no more of that interaction than of the one above.

Do not judge ASMR on it’s ability to be ASMR, but judge upon it’s ability to communicate humanity in a way you’ve never seen or felt.

If you want to talk about Asmrtists that are new on the scene, then Wildfire ASMR is your gal. Did I mention she is a certified level 2 Reiki instructor. Thankfully for us, she is an adamant Asmrtist to boot!

Her videos are consistent, a trait which I value above all others for Asmrtists ~ Consistency can be the key to victory, no matter what your version of success may look like.

The Storyteller Approach

RelaxingASMR has been apart of my life for well over 5 years now. His consistency is great, and his voice melts the cacophony monkey mind as water melts cotton candy.

Fast, and unapologetically.

How Do You Feel?

I sincerely hope you feel better, but I also believe in you so strongly, and I know that you feel better. Perfect? Maybe not perfect, but definitely better.

Then join me on the @soulterra Instagram page for a talk about ASMR
~ March 3rd at 9:30 am ~.

Have a beautiful day, and I love you.

x. Chris Buckley


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