8 Tips For Staying Sober This Holiday Season

8 Tips For Staying Sober This Holiday Season

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8 Tips For Staying Sober This Holiday Season

The Holiday Season can be very difficult for those suffering from addiction. Trust me, I know! I remember those days…seeing everyone around me so cheerful, and inside I was wondering when will I find my own cheer? Well, that shit took me 7 years! It took me 7 years to go from Okay, I seriously want to get sober, to Okay, I’m sober.

In an effort to help you achieve sobriety fast than I did, I started a daily blog that you can include with your sobriety regimen. Today is Thanksgiving, and that means last night was the busiest bar night of the year. How did you fare? Well, for the rest of the holiday season, whether you consumed last night or not, I’ve got your back on staying sober! You can do this! And I am not joking about that. If other people have given up on helping you achieve sobriety, know that I will not give up so easily. You are capable of achieving sobriety and finding happiness. I know that, and I don’t even know you! All I know is – you found my blog, so you’re obviously searching for something. Without further ado, I present…

My 8 Tips For Staying Sober This Holiday Season

1. Read a Book or Watch a Movie

Seriously, You should consider powering through things that normally wouldn’t interest you. Two things that come to my mind right away are reading a book, and watching a movie. By themselves these acts are not powerful enough to stop you from using alcohol, but if combine the act of reading or watching with the willpower required to succeed in addiction recovery? Well now you’re really working the program!

For you, trying to go this holiday season without having a drink, Television and Books can be your Therapy and Meditation. You must practice involving yourself both mentally and physically in the world around you, instead of living in your own world, which mostly only exists in your head. That world inside your head will always exist, but you need to find a way to make your visions meet reality. Spend time reading and watching, but don’t do it halfheartedly. I mean seriously get into that shit! You need to find something that works for you. There are thousands of movies, tv shows, and books; each! Between those thousands and thousands of options, there is something which can, with certainty, distract you from your addiction. I put books, movies, and tv shows at the top of this list because they are accessible to most people, and personally I believe that consuming media is the way for some people to achieve sobriety. I mean, just look at me, I got sober in part by watching hundreds, perhaps thousands of hours of ASMR videos on YouTube. We will circle back around to that topic at the end of the article.

My number one book recommendation for individuals looking to distract their brain is…ready? Harry Potter. These books are readily available, meaning that you could probably go to your local used book store and pick one up today [except that today is Thanksgiving], and they are really immersive and very easy to read. I mean, seriously, they are children’s books! But don’t let the fact they are children’s books stop you from reading the Harry Potter series. I personally had an experience where I was struggling with sobriety, and I dove into the Harry Potter books, and I read them all in a period of 2 months! That is really fast for me! I read quite slowly. But for those two months I was reading, I was able to remove myself from the world of Addiction and Anxiety, and place myself into the world of Witches, Wizards and Wrackspurts. It was kind of like magic, how easily JK Rowling was able to distract me from my addictions. Can you imagine spending the next two months sober addicted to Harry Potter?

If you have a subscription to Disney+ you could watch The Simpsons. That’s what I have been getting into recently. If you have a subscription to Hulu you could watch Futurama or Bob’s Burgers, and if you have a subscription to Netflix you could get into Queens Gambit or Blood of Zeus. Can you tell I have a thing for cartoons? If you have the internet but no streaming subscriptions, you could check out How Ridiculous on YouTube, or just watch the news; sometimes it’s fun to get involved in the news.

If you do choose the method of consuming media to get through tonight without drinking, you need to be brave. Perhaps this can be a test of you bravery, and proof to yourself that you can get through this entire holiday season without alcohol. You will always have the memories from tonight, especially if it turns into a hard night for you, but those memories will help motivate you for success during the difficult days that lie ahead. No victory is worth chuckling over.

2. Work Towards One of Your Big Ideas

This may seem more intimidating than anything, but really think about it. You are worried that you will have a problem with alcohol or hard drugs throughout this holiday season, and that is a form of anxiety, but it is also a form of energy. You can work with energy. What you need to do, is unleash that energy unto a new format and in a new direction. At first it may feel like you are working against the grain, but if you choose one of your big ideas to work on, and you get all the materials out, and you start plugging away at your project – even if the project was only an idea up until this point – you might be surprised at how easily you fall into a Flow State, and by the end of the night you will have gotten a lot done! This is the epitome of the phrase trust the process.

You must choose something that you know you want to work on. Do not choose a project which only interests you as an idea, and instead choose a project where you know you can get something done. I’m not talking about diving into the per-stages of something here. This isn’t I’m going to finally research how to use arduinos, this is I’m going to make art for the first time in a long time, or I’m going to finally start that novel, or I’m going to draft up a business plan, even if it’s just practice. The holiday season makes for big energy, and you need to funnel that energy into something that works for you. I know what it’s like around the holidays; between the weather and the festivities, it’s easy to feel down in the dumps, especially when you are suffering with something as serious as addiction. My best advice it to simply focus on you, and what’s in front of you. Do you have the materials to accomplish what you have wanted to get done recently? Well, pull those materials out, and work on your project. Even if you don’t finish it, at least you’ll have started.

3. Hang With A Responsible Group Of Friends

If you’ve got some good friends you can get together with, friends that will be good support during your fight against alcoholism, then you might already have plans to get together with them. Surrounding yourself with good people when you know you will feel the urge to drink is a great way to prevent yourself from succumbing. Make sure your friends know what you are trying to accomplish, and don’t feel bad leaving holiday gatherings early if people are getting too drunk and it’s making you uncomfortable. At least you got out of the house – that’s what I say!

If you do not have a solid group of friends to go out with, I feel you there. I spent many nights sheltered in my grandparents basement, not going out to gatherings in fear I would get too drunk and make a fool of myself. In truth, part of that was everyday anxiety. Dreaming that I will make a fool of myself? I have that dream everyday, and I haven’t had a drink in over two years!

4. Work On Your Mental Health

When it comes to fighting addiction, your mental health comes first. You need to be happy. Not all the time, because that’s impossible, but you need to have happiness within reach if you want to have long term success. Happiness starts and ends with mental health. How does one make progress in regards to their mental health? Well! I’m glad to let you know that by reading this blog post you are making progress in regards to your mental health. Doing research online to combat your problems is a great self-showing sign that you are on the right track. Of course, you must remain vigilant so you don’t get caught up in the cRaZy IdEaS of individuals online. If you want to find someone that agrees with you, the internet is the place you will find them. I am not here to agree with you, at least if you are saying that addiction recovery will be easy. I’m not here to tell you that think holiday season will be easy, but I am here to tell you that you can get through tonight without drinking, and it will not be a fruitless venture. Avoiding alcohol this holiday season will have a direct and positive impact on your life. Do it.

Meditation is a great practice to adopt if you are seeking to improve your mental health. For this reason, I am including one of my all-time favorite Guided Relaxation videos. This video was made by Yongey Mingyur Rinpoche. Check it out!

5. Work On Your Physical Health

It’s not out of the question that you hit the gym this holiday season. Hell! It’s not out of the question that you sign up for a gym membership this holiday season! You can feel free to get wild; Tis the season of big energy. Working on your physical health can be a great way to overcome addiction, especially when you are in the early stages of recovery. Go for a walk! That’s what I do. I throw the headphones in and I go for a nice long walk. Maybe you decide to go for a jog, or a run. Between those three options, there is definitely something for everyone. Personally, I choose to walk. What’s important to remember, is that adopting this method of coping with addiction is healthy, and can be brought anywhere in the world. From Bangkok to Baltimore, you can always go on a walk.

Now, I understand that some of you live where it is bitterly cold during the winter, and so walking outside may not be an option for you. This is where Yoga comes in! There are tonnes of videos on YouTube teaching you how to do Yoga, and I honestly believe that if you embrace learning Yoga – I mean really decide to better yourself by diving into the world of Yoga and learning how to do yoga as best as possible – you can find success in overcoming your addictions. Finding physical health will guide you into finding mental health, but when you practice yoga, you are likely to find them both at once.

6. Plan Your Big Move!

You know how I’ve been saying that this is a season of big energy? Well here’s a direction you can really funnel that energy. Have you considered moving? Like, out of your hometown, or just onto the next town? Well this is the season you begin that plan! By finding this blog you have already proven that you have the internet, and now you need to bring the internet into your life in new and fun ways. Planning for permanent travel or planning to start a journey is a great way to use the power of the internet for your benefit! You don’t have to commit to anything, but you can take a dream and turn it into a realistic goal; and you can do it tonight! Let’s check it out!

Start with Google Maps

I love looking at Google Maps and Google Street View. If you an unfamiliar with Street View, I’ll tell you how it works: You’re looking at Google Maps, right? Now, at least on with desktop, there will be a small orange man in the bottom right corner of your screen [maybe it’s not a man, idk]. Drag-and-drop that orange guy anywhere on the map, and then bam! You will be standing on a street looking at all the buildings around you. With the mobile version you just hold your finger on the map where you want to drop yourself, and then click on the picture that pops up in the bottom right-hand corner; it will have a circular shaped arrow on the picture, signaling that it is a 360 photo. I wasn’t expecting to get into a description about how to use Google Streetview today, but I want to make sure that you are able to participate in the activities I am talking about, because I am certain that exercising your imagination can lead to addiction recovery, but I am also certain that frustration with electronic devices can lead to stress, and can definitely be a trigger for some people. Hopefully you feel ready to continue. Do you have your map ready?

Sometimes I will drop myself in the middle of a city, one that I have always wanted to visit, and by using Google Street View I will simply walk around said city! But that same tool can be very practical for planning a big move! Locate your home country on Google Maps; and I mean look at the whole thing at once. You gotta un-pinch to zoom out. Do you have your country, or the country you want to move to in view? Which area calls to you? Personally, I suggest a city. In fact, I cannot suggest any more strongly that you make it to a city. Living in a city changed my life, and if you are living in “the middle of nowhere,” and you are suffering from addiction, then I would recommend that you try living in a city for a while.

If you have never lived away from your family, or if you have never left your hometown, I think that the very-manageable pressure of moving yourself to a new location and putting forth your best effort to live your best life is a generous, brave, and successful way to combat addition. Generous, because you will be giving yourself the gift of progress. Brave, because it takes an unshakable boldness to relocate, and Successful, I say, because moving to a city helped me during my addiction recovery.

Do you have a city in mind? Maybe a couple of cities? How did you select them? Did you look on the map near landmasses you sought to be close to, or did you seek out locations you knew existed by their established names? Sometimes, I just surf the map up-and-down the coasts of America looking at all the different crevices I could go to occupy. Sometimes I look at St Louis, because I want to look at St Louis.

Look at Jobs in the Area

For me, I always start in the same place. Craigslist. I have found many jobs, and fewer apartments through CL. Right now is a weird time, to say the least, and if looking for work is something you deem to be unsafe or unmanageable, then maybe this is not a good practice for you this holiday season. However, we are only exploring the world, and so I don’t see any harm in looking at jobs, even if the job market is not very sturdy right now.

You could also consider finding an income online, or starting your own business. I talk about these subjects from time-to-time on my daily addiction recovery blog, which you are currently reading.

On a more somber note, you may want to consider relocating to an area less impacted by the virus. This may seem like a strange recommendation, but I consider it to be something worth thinking about, especially for an individual who is choosing to move as a catalyst of addiction recovery. Relocating won’t be all that is required to gain sobriety, but it can provide you with a helluva head start.

Look at Apartments in the Area

Okay! Now we are really having fun. Exploring apartments online in the age of a pandemic? I recommend taking to CL for this part too. Doing research online to secure yourself a better future is a really practical way to occupy your time instead of using drugs and alcohol. The internet provides many tools to help you overcome your addictions, and you just need to find the right way to use the tools. Looking at apartments in a different city may not seem like the most exciting thing, especially if you cannot act on moving right away, but if you find a good Flow State, and place yourself in a mentality that allows you to accept the many possibilities reality still has for you, then you will be able to truly enjoy and benefit from doing seemingly-pointless research on the internet. Because it’s only seemingly pointless.

Envision Yourself In Your New Place!

This is the last and most critical step of the exercise. You must mentally place yourself in your new apartment. What does it feel like? What does it sounds like? What does it smell like? Do the neighbors upstairs make a lot of noise, or are they a quiet couple? Picture yourself in your new place, and now tell me: What will you be having for lunch? In your new place! What’s in the fridge? Did you think about stocking the fridge? Think about stocking the fridge; I mean really put yourself inside that apartment! This is your imagined reality, and it’s time to really settle in! I’ll give you a second…

Are you there? Can you feel it. Can you smell it? Have you tasted the food in your new apartment and entertained guests there as well? Have you consumed your drug of choice in your new apartment? This is what we are going to avoid, and this is what we are working to avoid by doing this mental walk through. If you were in a new city, in a new apartment, would you really be thinking about your drug of choice? You see, by placing yourself in a new location, you are exercising your mind in adventurous ways. Everyday is supposed to be exciting, but if you use drugs everyday then you are becoming excited in the wrong way! Choosing to relocate is a huge and scary task, but I honestly believe it can help people find their own version addiction recovery. Get yourself comfortable with the idea of moving by exploring Google Maps. That’s what I do.

7. Watch ASMR

Watching ASMR has been a main pillar in my addiction recovery. ASMR, Writing, Traveling, and Socializing are the four main pillars that support my addiction recovery, and I am vigilant to stay involved with all four, even today.

Maybe ASMR is for you, and maybe its not. I am going to place a video down below for you to check out. How should you listen to it? Just settle into a comfortable position, and let the creator of the video transport you through time. If you enjoy ASMR, then you are in luck! There are millions of videos on YouTube right now labeled “ASMR,” and they are not all the same! Some include people whispering, and some include people tapping on objects. Some even include people eating food! ASMR provides for an intense sound bath, and with the right fortitude and mindstate towards addiction recovery, you can use these videos to combat addictive urges one-by-one. Feeling the urge to use drugs/alcohol? Play an ASMR video and be transported through the next 30 minutes! On the otherside of the video, You and I both hope that your urge to consume has subsided. If the urge has not subsided, you can jump right into another ASMR video. If your urge to use has subsided? I suggest using that time to acomplish some of your daily tasks, whatever they may be. When the urge to consume finds you again, you can again reach for ASMR.

8. Read My Daily Blog!

Every single day I publish an article talking about addiction recovery, and today is no different. Today is Thanksgiving 2020, and this is my 239th day of continued operation, and this is my 239th article in a row. I want to become apart of addiction recovery, because I have been through addiction recovery, and I honestly believe I can help you succeed. This article in particular is a very long one, but most of my daily articles can be read in less than 5 minutes. If you want to make contact with an individual who is staying sober from alcohol, and you want that contact on a daily basis, you have found it! Both on the homepage of this website, and at asmr.community/recovery, you will find The Addiction Recovery Daily. Not every article will contain life-altering information, but if you keep showing up, and you keep reading, this blog will change your life, and hopefully it will help you to keep motivated, and finally find your version of sobriety.

Well! That Concludes...

Well! That concludes my 8 Tips For Staying Sober This Holiday Season. I hope you found something on this list that can help you stay sober today. We know that today is the most important day, but at the same time we can not forget about tomorrow, and above all else – we can not forget about yesterday.

If you are looking for more information about addiction recovery, like I said, make sure to peep our daily blog. I’ll be back here bright and early, tomorrow at 8am!

x. Spark Twain

Everyday Sobriety Advice

I am a recovered alcoholic/drug addict, but I am not a qualified addiction counselor. To help other alcoholics/addicts achieve sobriety, I have created the mantra’s below. Although I call them “steps,” I believe that all four mantra’s should be recited in concurrence.

When the urge to drink alcohol or use drugs comes upon you, I suggest reciting these four steps, and then implementing an activity to “kill time” until your urge to use drugs/alcohol is less intense. I suggest you use ASMR videos to “kill time”

Good luck, My Friend

Below are the steps of admittance required for using The ASMR.Community Sobriety Program [ACSP] successfully.

Step 1: “Sobriety is a choice, and it is up to me to make the right choice.”

Step 2: “Not everybody will be able to achieve sobriety, but that knowledge does not prevent my success regarding sobriety.”

Step 3: “The urge to imbibe (substances that I know will prevent my success) is finite. Sometimes the urge will exist, sometimes the urge will not exist.”

Step 4: “Sobriety is not the same for everyone. Success is.”

I believe the steps I listed above are a complete, non-exclusionary list of all mental admissions needed to achieve your goals regarding sobriety.


Everybody’s definition of sobriety is different, but everybody’s definition of success is the same.

* * *

If you would like to learn more, make sure to read our Philosophy Of Addiction Recovery 1.

For more daily support, check out Sober James on YouTube. He does a livestream every night at 21:00 Eastern Standard Time, and his live streams are a great place to receive support, gain motivation, and listen to encouragement in regard to addiction recovery. His program is based on the Twelve Steps.

SMART Recovery is another great program for individuals who are ready to tackle their addictions.

If you are seeking spiritual guidance, I highly encourage you to check out Tarot Reader ASMR. Her name is Amalia, and she is a kind-hearted individual with a skill for bringing us closer to ourselves.

Don’t underestimate the power of Yoga! Try Yoga With Adriene.

If you are looking or more information about ASMR, I’ve found the best place to learn about the subject is ASMR University. Their information is accurate [to the best of my knowledge], and plentiful. I mostly work with the application of ASMR, but there is a whole lot more to ASMR than using it to gain sobriety or fall asleep, including the history and the science of it.

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