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A Vote For Trump is an Underlying Symptom

Good morning! The time is 05:11 here in Cape Coral, Florida, and I have not looked up the election results! Can you believe that? What kind of American doesn’t wake up the morning after election day and head straight for the Google. Well…me. Not only do I have stuff to do in regards to this blog, but it is predetermined that I will be dissatisfied with the outcome of this election. What myself and many others have learned over these past four years, is that we should stop talking about how our democracy is a joke, and start actually acting like it. The democratic and republican parties, between the two of them, run this country with an iron fist! We have now seen them get so comfortable with their positions as rulers of the freeworld, that they literally just…forgot…to give a shit. It’s like France, in 1780, when you might have thought your King to have your better interests in mind, but then 13 years later you find out that he and his girlfriend have literally just been taking your money and buying shoes. I’d like to blame the voters, but for the most part people don’t even realize that they have more than two options. It is possible to assemble more fictitious systems than just two. I’m almost regretting not voting for Jo Jorgenson, I can’t even lie. Every vote counts! But so does every party, and when it’s red vs blue, we all end up taking pills.

Speaking of pills, did you read yesterday’s article?

Okay, now I’m listening to last nights edition of Start Here from ABC News. For the first time ever, more American’s voted before the election, than on election day. Oh boy~and things aren’t sounding good right now! Trump outdid his performance from the last election? That’s pretty intense. Wow! He won Texas! If I remember correctly, no Democrat has won Texas since Jimmy Carter. Shame…I thought Biden had it in the bag!

Ephemeral Rift

I guess I don’t understand the differences between me and my fellow American’s right now. A vote for Trump is a vote for racism. That’s as deep as I see it. Prior to the Black Lives Matter protests I was able to, as many of us capitalists were, view Trump from an economic standpoint. Yeah, he’s bad, but just buy stocks! If you bought stocks in 2016 and sold them in 2018, you probably made money no matter what you bought. The government should be making a stronger effort to educate individuals on how the stock market works, that’s what I think.

So I’m saying there was a time I was able to take the poor situation of a Trump presidency, and spin doctor it up so that I could still stay positive while talking about it. Not anymore. I will also say, that I openly declared prior to the 2016 election that I considered a vote for Trump an act of civil war, and I am still believe that, loud and proud. If you voted for Trump, you don’t understand love. If you voted for Trump, it is possible that your choice in politician is a symptom of a larger problem, similar to how addiction or alcoholism is a symptom of a larger problem [although it wasn’t viewed that way until recently]. The republicans keep getting more and more polarized every year, but the democrats continue to play the middle ground. They are weak, but they are the best solution we’ve got to the problems that plague this nation. The republican party is slowly coming to be known as a racist party, instead of just the party that put up the modern day, low-key openly racist president. Tisk tisk. Racism isn’t a political issue, except for the people who can’t approach it any other way!

All this is coming from a man who was raised republican, was a registered republican until recently, and voted to keep Scott Walker in office in 2012.

x. Chris Armstrong

Everyday Sobriety Advice

I am a recovered alcoholic/drug addict, but I am not a qualified addiction counselor. To help other alcoholics/addicts achieve sobriety, I have created the mantra’s below. Although I call them “steps,” I believe that all four mantra’s should be recited in concurrence.

When the urge to drink alcohol or use drugs comes upon you, I suggest reciting these four steps, and then implementing an activity to “kill time” until your urge to use drugs/alcohol is less intense. I suggest you use ASMR videos to “kill time”

Good luck, My Friend

Below are the steps of admittance required for using The ASMR.Community Sobriety Program [ACSP] successfully.

Step 1: “Sobriety is a choice, and it is up to me to make the right choice.”

Step 2: “Not everybody will be able to achieve sobriety, but that knowledge does not prevent my success regarding sobriety.”

Step 3: “The urge to imbibe (substances that I know will prevent my success) is finite. Sometimes the urge will exist, sometimes the urge will not exist.”

Step 4: “Sobriety is not the same for everyone. Success is.”

I believe the steps I listed above are a complete, non-exclusionary list of all mental admissions needed to achieve your goals regarding sobriety.


Everybody’s definition of sobriety is different, but everybody’s definition of success is the same.

* * *

If you would like to learn more, make sure to read our Philosophy Of Addiction Recovery 1.

For more daily support, check out Sober James on YouTube. He does a livestream every night at 21:00 Eastern Standard Time, and his live streams are a great place to receive support, gain motivation, and listen to encouragement in regard to addiction recovery. His program is based on the Twelve Steps.

SMART Recovery is another great program for individuals who are ready to tackle their addictions.

If you are seeking spiritual guidance, I highly encourage you to check out Tarot Reader ASMR. Her name is Amalia, and she is a kind-hearted individual with a skill for bringing us closer to ourselves.

Don’t underestimate the power of Yoga! Specifically Yoga With Adriene. My shoulder is broken, and so you can do some Yoga for me too. I really wish I could…

If you are looking or more information about ASMR, I’ve found the best place to learn about the subject is ASMR University. Their information is accurate [to the best of my knowledge], and plentiful. I mostly work with the application of ASMR, but there is a whole lot more to ASMR than using it to gain sobriety or fall asleep, including the history and the science of it.

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