Love Yourself And Good Things Will Happen

love yourself and good things will happen

My heart and soul was poured into this blog for 3/4ths of a whole year! That’s what I did during the pandemic ~ I wrote this blog! I stopped writing my daily blog on January 2nd

Be The Light Live ~ ASMR Discussion

be the light live asmr discussion

My name is Spark Twain, and I used ASMR to help overcome alcoholism, and conquer addiction. Right now I’m going to tell you a little bit about what ASMR is, it’s history, and then we will discuss how it helped me personally.

3 Amazing Spiritual ASMR Videos From 2020

3 Amazing Spiritual ASMR Videos From 2020 I’ve been watching ASMR videos all year! Today I am going to share with you some of my favorite spiritually related ASMR videos from this tumultuous year of 2020.Find a comfortable place to relax, and put on some headphones, because we are about to vibe out. Miss Synchronicity […]

The Last Post and The First ASMR Video

we're moving to

You must have the ability to say no to drugs and alcohol if you are to enjoy days like the one I am having today. Personally, I am committing my life to my websites, because they are symbiotic with my writing, but your story will be different.

Nothing To Do With Coconut Water

nothing to do with coconut water

Draw a maze. Clean your house. Practice meditation. Give yourself a henna tattoo. Read the Wikipedia page about Henna. Read Martha Stewart’s Wikipedia page. Start doing research about a new hobby, like rock climbing, or scuba diving, or fixing peoples concrete cracks in their driveway for as cheap as possible. There are a lot of things you can do to distract your mind from addiction…so many in fact, that I can’t list them all. Not in a life time.

Have You Tried Using ASMR To Get Sober?

Have You Tried Using ASMR To Get Sober feautring latte asmr

Have You Tried Using ASMR To Get Sober? I write a daily blog about addiction recovery, and everyday I recommend an ASMR video. Everyday! That’s how much I believe ASMR can help individuals with sobriety. I think it’s worth reiterating that fact everyday.

Using Death As The Motivator For Sobriety

using death as the motivator for sobriety

It’s no secret that addiction recovery is tough. You should believe people when they tell you that, but still, there is no way you can prepare. It’s like your first broken heart, and there is nothing else I can compare it to.