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Can ASMR Really Help Me Sleep? YES!

Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response, known more widely by the acronym ASMR, is a physiological response that some individuals receive when observing certain sounds or sights. Individuals who are susceptible to ASMR typically describe the sensation as tingles down the spine, but it has been known to manifest in other ways, such as a warming in the stomach.

Okay, so you’re following me up to this point, but still you are wondering: Can ASMR help me sleep?

The answer is: Yes, and susceptibility to ASMR is not required to help you fall asleep. Many individuals watch ASMR and don’t receive tingles down the spine. Back when I first started watching ASMR in 2013, I got tingles all the time, but these days I receive them few and far between. Still, I use ASMR to help me fall asleep at least 4 or 5 times per week! The human connection available through ASMR is unprecedented – even in this modern world – and it’s that human connection which can be valuable to those who don’t receive ASMR Tingles.

If you are interested in using ASMR as a sleep-aid, I’ve selected 7 videos that I believe can help you sleep. All the recommendations are slightly different from each other, and not just because they are made by different creators.

Having multiple options is important when it comes to adopting mental health tools, and ASMR is a tool used by people all across the globe to help maintain their mental health. The phenomenon is so widely utilized in-part because it’s creation is so diverse. There are many categories of asmr, so what I’m recommending here today doesn’t show the limits of ASMR, but rather demonstrates as an introduction to the limitless creativity and diversity that exists within this community.

Videos To Help You Fall Asleep

1. Explore Ancient Rome!

The French Whisperer has been making ASMR almost as long as I have been watching it, and he has always had the same profile picture on his YouTube page haha. Other than that, you never see his face. His content is great for falling asleep, and it’s even available on Spotify!

The reason it’s great for falling asleep is because it’s simple, and it’s consistent. The French Whisperer doesn’t do any ear-to-ear whispering, and he doesn’t eat food or rub slime on the mic. He teaches you things! With his powerfully relaxing voice; dare I say his content is a rather tranquil bore! Is that not what you want when you are falling asleep?

It might take you several days, or even weeks to finish the video I have recommended above, because it is intended to help you fall asleep, and so it probably will help you fall asleep. Don’t feel bad if you can’t finish the video! However do stay optimistic, because you have found a tool for helping find sleep, and do be happy, because he’s got over 200 videos just like it!

2. Meet Doctor Hypnosis

Moosetonic ASMR is a fairly new asmrtist, but her fun and imaginative content has her quickly stacking up subscribers. You could be one of them. Moose makes me sleepy, and I have found her content great during nap time. Oh…sorry, are you not scheduling nap time yet? If you want to be ahead of the curve, you should consider adding nap to your daily schedule. Moosetonic is one of my favorite asmrtists to listen to during the day, along with The Water Whispers, although recently I haven’t been keeping up with the latter of those channels.

The video I am recommending today however, is a great video for falling asleep at night. The vibe Moose brought is exceptionally creative, and equally as relaxing. She talks in the beginning of the video, but she also gives you ample room to fall asleep. She does some counting in this video, which can help guide you into a deep sleep, and she also chooses dark colors that allow for your eyes to get heavy.

If Moose does help you fall asleep, don’t miss an opportunity to thank her!

3. Find Your Tapping Haven

ASMR Haven is new on the scene, but she has the relaxation power of 1000 purring cats in every one of her finger tips. We are all lucky she has chosen to create ASMR.

The video I have selected for you above is a particularly long one, but in the spirit of being an asmr newbie [not that you are; no body is judging you] I think long videos are easier to get into the spirit of. ASMR used to always be long. The 30 minute ASMR video didn’t start appearing until maybe 2017, but before that most everything was 40 minutes and up. These days the 20 minute ASMR video is what’s most popular to create, but often times 20 minutes really is enough time to fall asleep. There’s just something wholesome about a 2 hour video.

4. Encapsulate Your Sleep

Ephemeral Rift has been creating ASMR for longer than I have been consuming it, and he has earned his place in the ASMR Hall Of Fame. His videos are creative, unique, and very relaxing. This video also made an appearance in ASMR Daily 179. If you are unfamiliar, The ASMR Daily is a daily blog published here at ASMR.Community, and the goal of the blog is the better help individuals utilize ASMR.

In addition to selecting a video everyday, I also talk about how that video can be applied to your holistic health, and I talk about how ASMR has helped me overcome alcoholism. To keep things light I also talk about American pop culture, and I try to link out to many different sources, as to give individuals who are reading to stay sober a lot of stuff to do!

Without Ephemeral Rift, I might have never gained sobriety. Although, there are many tools an individual can use to gain sobriety, so perhaps I would have discovered another tool if Ephemeral Rift and other asmrtists didn’t exists. Alas! They do exist! So with ASMR as my most powerful tool, I proceed in life confident that I will never have another drink.

5. Fall Asleep In The Miracle Forest

Miracle Forest is an amazing asmrtist, although their content isn’t exactly what you think of when you think ASMR. Most people think ASMR has to be aggressively soft, but it can be passive too.

Our ancestors probably received asmr tingles as they laid out on beaches worldwide. The constant battering of waves combined with the unexpected rustle of wild animals…it would be enough to give anyone an eargasm.

OMG did I just say that out loud!

ASMR is a natural phenomenon, and the sounds of natural ambiance are well suited to help you sleep. The video I am recommending above by Miracle Forest is for those of you that aren’t ____ing around, and want something they can play for a full 8 hours. I’m not sure if YouTube still allows 8 hour videos to be uploaded, but there are quite a few that are available from the days of yore.

6. Follow The Map...To Sleep!

ASMRctica is another asmrtist that doesn’t show his face much, although recently he changed that up.

His videos are great for falling asleep at night, and he has a lot more map drawing videos.

Outside of the relaxation provided by his skilled hands, he also speaks with a slow and purposeful demeanor that lends itself to relaxation quite easily. At over an hour in length, this video is another one that is great for falling asleep multiple days in a row. If you never finish the video, don’t feel bad. This video is designed to help you fall asleep, and if it does that, I think Jay would be happy to know that.

7. Experience The Night Before Christmas, Anytime!

Latte ASMR creates masterpieces that bring warmth and freedom to the minds of many manics, insomniacs, and individuals that suffer from anxiety and depression. Personally I think her videos are also suited to help individuals suffering from addiction. Every minute you spend watching ASMR is another minute you are not using drugs or alcohol. By managing your time this way, you can make the first three months of sobriety go by pretty fast.

The video I am recommending above is perfect for bringing the Christmas vibe to you at anytime of the year. This video is different than the other ones on this list because it is centralized around personal attention, but I rather enjoy personal attention videos. My only problem is that sometimes I end up watching the videos instead of falling asleep, and that isn’t what my goal is when I start watching a video; it’s not to watch the video, it’s to sleep. But I say: If you enjoy it, let it happen! At least for today :]

7. Escape Reality

[Esc] reality is an asmrtist I only discovered recently, but her videos are perfect for those nights when you want to…escape reality. Seriously! The video I have recommended above provides a cozy and safe virtual environment, one which I believe not enough people are yet taking advantage of – hence why I write these articles, because I want to help you use ASMR to it’s fullest potential.

In Conclusion...

Choosing to fall asleep to an ASMR video is a powerful decision, and it’s one that can change your life forever. The individuals that create these videos are healers, and they are here to heal you. One thing I can not stress enough is that these 8 videos are only an introduction to ASMR! If you are interested in learning about the best ASMR for sleep and mindfulness, definitely check out The ASMR Daily, our daily blog about using asmr to it’s fullest potential!

How can I leave this off other than by saying: I hear you if you still can’t fall asleep to ASMR. I’ve met people that tell me can’t stand people whispering in their ears, or that ASMR makes them feel uncomfortable. This is okay. If these videos make you feel uncomfortable, then perhaps ASMR is not for you. However, I like to think that between the millions of videos and audios labeled ASMR available online, there is something that will appeal to everyone. Between nature sounds, whispering, chewing, and just plain silence, it’s likely that ASMR can benefit you in someway.

x. Spark Twain

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