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gentle whispering

Video Of The Day 106 [Gentle Whispering ASMR] – The Map To Sobriety

For anyone that has explored this website extensively, they might have found today’s asmrtist under the ‘what is asmr?’ tab on the homepage. Otherwise, today’s ASMR Queen has never been featured as one of our Video Of The Day selections! This just goes to show that you can run a quality addiction recovery blog for over three months and barely scratch the metaphorical surface of the method being written about!

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Video Of The Day 98 [Accidentally Graceful] – Fight The Urge To Venice Beach

I’ve been watching Accidentally Graceful for years. She is one of the asmrtists that I built a personal connection with on my journey out of alcoholism. How the whole thing works, my use of ASMR to conquer alcoholism, is this: First! You must understand that the urge to consume alcohol, or drugs, or fast food, or sugar, or whatever substance you find to be plaguing your life – the urge to consume that stuff is not constant, the urge will exist some of the time, and the urge with not exist most of the time.

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Philosophy of Addiction Recovery 1

The methods I used to overcome alcoholism are aggressive, but only in the sense that they are unusual. For some individuals I recommend they overhaul every aspect of their life in order to propel change. This is an overstatement, but it’s better to overstate than understate when it comes to addiction.

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