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Jay & Bee TV

Video Of The Day 73 [Jay & Bee TV]

Today’s Video Of The Day is a very special video, and it comes heavy and heartfelt because I am from the same city as today’s featured asmrtists.

Well, actually, today’s votd isn’t even an ASMR video. But there are two asmrtist’s in today’s video!

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Whisper Lodge

Video Of The Day 37 [Whisper Lodge and ArkDes]

For the second Pillow Talk, James Taylor Foster took a comfy seat on his giant pillow, and had a conversation with Melinda Lauw, the co-founder of Whisper Lodge, which she describes as “[It’s a] 90 immersive experience that happens in New York and LA, and it is conceptualized as a live ASMR spa.”

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ArkDes title image

Video Of The Day 36 [Swedish Center for Architecture and Design]

The time is 23:36, and 158 years ago today Mexico gained victory at the Battle of Puebla.

Today we take a break from experiencing ASMR, and we take a little time to appreciate it’s rise into pop culture with a video interview from @arkdesc. [Note: The video is not embeded into this article, so you will have to click this link to view the video].

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