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ASMR Sharm

Sticking To The Script

Layered ASMR is powerful. ASMR without layers is like rap music without ad libs. The further we get into the evolution of the community itself, the more layers we will see, until the days of single-layered-audio ASMR become a distant memory.

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Maimy ASMR

Kisses From Maimy

Maimy ASMR is on her way to being a famous person, although compared to most of us she already is. Eighty-two thousand subscribers is no small feat! But do you know how I know she is going to get an additional 80k before the end of the year?

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3Dio ASMR Done Right

ASMR in a language other than your own can be very soothing. The real question is, do mouth sounds sound the same in every language? You can find out today.

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heatheredeffect asmr

Video Of The Day 121 [HeatheredEffect] – Mic Scratching

This video is a great choice for individuals using ASMR to fight the urge to drink or use drugs or other substances that may harm the body. With today’s Video Of The Day, you can just zone out, and think about life, or catch some zee’s; or if your one of the lucky ones, you can get some tingles! Jolly Day!

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miss manganese asmr

Video Of The Day 109 [Sara Manganese] – ASMR that is Funny!

Personable is better, and Miss Manganese is that. As far as first impressions go, this girl left one upon me that will not be soon forgotten. Today’s Video Of The Day is very much my speed! It’s fast ASMR, but it’s not fast because of the tempo; it’s fast because of the temper. We’ve got a Community full of fake doctors, but not all of them have patience.

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gentle whispering

Video Of The Day 106 [Gentle Whispering ASMR] – The Map To Sobriety

For anyone that has explored this website extensively, they might have found today’s asmrtist under the ‘what is asmr?’ tab on the homepage. Otherwise, today’s ASMR Queen has never been featured as one of our Video Of The Day selections! This just goes to show that you can run a quality addiction recovery blog for over three months and barely scratch the metaphorical surface of the method being written about!

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