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Setting Your Schedule For Success in regards to addiciton recovery

Setting Your Schedule For Success in regards to Addiction Recovery

Setting your schedule for success in regards to addiction recovery is no easy task, but it is worldly rewarding… Creating a schedule for addiction recovery can be one of the most important things you do. If you have never tried to quit drugs before, everything you are about to experience is normal, and no matter how much it sucks, you just gotta trust the process, and we will get through this together.

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Ephemeral Rift

Try This ASMR For Addiction Recovery

Addictions are associated with a strong feeling. A feeling stronger than the natural world around us typically brings, and stronger than we evolved having. You must learn to accept sublet feelings as the norm.

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mr.simple asmr

Learn From Me But Still Be Yourself

Sometimes I dream of what it would be like to have had a childhood. Innocence is a beautiful thing, but I am sure it pays smaller dividends. My name is Chris, and I am an alcoholic. I had my first cigarette at 12, I had my first drink at 13

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ASMR Sharm

What Do You Want To Leave Behind?

Life does not come with a map, and it would be foolish of me to lie and say I have had an easy time navigating mine. I dream that my best days are in front of me, but that is no way to live. My strongest efforts are put forth making sure that I live in the moment, but sometimes the moment has no place for a dreamer.

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LadyCocoaa ASMR

Stuck In A Circle

Today’s video will help you to get to know our first ASMR Affiliate on a more intimate level. Her content is very fitting for this blog, and we couldn’t be more proud to be working with LadyCocoaa ASMR.

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neinei tingles

Video Of The Day 159 [NeiNei Tingles] – Gassed Up

Everybody needs some gas sometimes, and positive affirmations in the form of ASMR are one of the best ways to get gassed up! In a world that is rife with negativity, it’s important to remember that we all have our place, none of us more important than trees, none of us less important than stars.

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my asmr addiction

Video Of The Day 131 [My ASMR Addiction] – Getting Addicted To Being An Astronaut

What does this have to do with addiction and alcoholism? Well, I feel like some individuals end up becoming addicts simply because the state the world is in! At least in the United States, I don’t think things make a lot of sense. Growing up, people would always tell me “Get a good job at a factory and then you’ll be able to retire in 20 years,” and I thought to myself “I’d rather die.”

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