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Addiction Is Not Random

There will be many long nights for those in addiction recovery. You must have something to live for! Somehow, egregiously, I ended up with this blog. But you know what? I live for this shit.

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Video Of The Day 132 [Ruby True] – Sobriety For ASMR Vikings

Television is a real bonding experience for some people, and I always get left out. I don’t really enjoy watching TV. I feel like the more TV I watch in my youth, the more I will have to work a minimum wage job when I am 80 years old. My plan for retirement is actually to watch all the shows I’ve missed

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Video Of The Day 49 [Gibi]

Gibi ASMR is a giant in the ASMR game, and in fact, she might also be the best asmrtist for helping on one’s journey to sobriety. I often refer to Raffy Taphy as the G.O.A.T., and I will always stand by that, but Gibi is the G.O.A.T. as well.

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