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Ephemeral Rift

A Vote For Trump is an Underlying Symptom

Good morning! The time is 05:11 here in Cape Coral, Florida, and I have not looked up the election results! Can you believe that? What kind of American doesn’t wake up the morning after election day and head straight for the Google. Well…me.

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Annura's ASMR title image

Video Of The Day 95 [Annura’s ASMR] – Happy 4th of July!

ASMR is a powerful tool. It’s power has been proven, at least to me, because ASMR helped me overcome alcoholism. Some individuals might feel the power of ASMR because they use the videos to fall asleep, or because they use the videos of fight anxiety attacks. Further still, there are individuals who feel the power of ASMR because they use it to concentrate.

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Chynaunique ASMR

Video Of The Day 80 [Chynaunique] – Fame is like Gasoline

Energy Plucking has grown to become one of my favorite ASMR triggers. It’s probably an evolution from my love of hand movements; I really enjoy it when asmrtists do stuff with their hands. When an asmrtist brings their hands to the forefront of their video making, they are giving you an additional piece of themselves, in the most literal sense.

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