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3Dio ASMR Done Right

ASMR is a language other than your own can be very soothing. The real question is, do mouth sounds sound the same in every language? You can find out today.

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Julieta ASMR Title Image

Video Of The Day 162 [Julieta ASMR] – The Softest Intro

Sometimes I prefer whispering, and other times I choose soft-speaking; when listening to ASMR, it’s forever both. Today however, we are only going to experience the whispered portion of that dichotomy. We are also going to experience some tapping…perhaps some of the best tapping I have ever heard.

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Video Of The Day 161 [Moosetonic] – Finger Flutters

Welcome to the day after Labor Day! Presumably you are back at work after a well deserved long weekend, but with the pandemic, did you really go back to work? I’ve never had an office job, I’ve only ever worked at restaurants, really; plus a little landscaping and snow removal.

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