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Emily Marie ASMR

Peanut Butter and Alcoholism

She wrought relaxation from a candle she couldn’t open, although when she first picked it up I thought it was a jar of peanut butter. Peanut butter won’t help you overcome alcoholism, but

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Jupiter’s 80th Moon Egoistisch, with Twitch ASMR

I’m almost positive that today is a first here at, because I am featuring a video from Twitch today! Normally I pick a YouTube video, almost always ASMR, and then I write my blog post inspired by the video and I try to, everyday, make some sort of connection between ASMR and Holistic Wellness.

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ASMR Alysaa

Video Of The Day 90 [ASMR Alysaa] – Eternal ASMR

First, there was George Washington. He was the president of the United States before anyone took us seriously as a country. Boy oh boy, if they could only see in 1775 where we were gonna go [the moon]! Washington was a rebel, and I’m sure the British were ready to pay for his head on a platter.

Mmm, and to know those political tiding still exist. How far we’ve come!

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Video Of The Day 67 [tahteebayy]

Tahteebayy posted her first video 7 years ago, and since she has gone on to receive over 8.4 million views. Like many great asmrtists, she will often incur upon us a several-months long gap between uploads. Not all the time! But in one of her most recent videos, she began by apologizing for her absence.

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Gibi ASMR title image alternative

Video Of The Day 49 [Gibi]

Gibi ASMR is a giant in the ASMR game, and in fact, she might also be the best asmrtist for helping on one’s journey to sobriety. I often refer to Raffy Taphy as the G.O.A.T., and I will always stand by that, but Gibi is the G.O.A.T. as well.

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