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Setting Your Schedule For Success in regards to addiciton recovery

Setting Your Schedule For Success in regards to Addiction Recovery

Setting your schedule for success in regards to addiction recovery is no easy task, but it is worldly rewarding… Creating a schedule for addiction recovery can be one of the most important things you do. If you have never tried to quit drugs before, everything you are about to experience is normal, and no matter how much it sucks, you just gotta trust the process, and we will get through this together.

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Emily Marie ASMR

Peanut Butter and Alcoholism

She wrought relaxation from a candle she couldn’t open, although when she first picked it up I thought it was a jar of peanut butter. Peanut butter won’t help you overcome alcoholism, but

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Jupiter’s 80th Moon Egoistisch, with Twitch ASMR

I’m almost positive that today is a first here at, because I am featuring a video from Twitch today! Normally I pick a YouTube video, almost always ASMR, and then I write my blog post inspired by the video and I try to, everyday, make some sort of connection between ASMR and Holistic Wellness.

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ASMR Alysaa

Video Of The Day 90 [ASMR Alysaa] – Eternal ASMR

First, there was George Washington. He was the president of the United States before anyone took us seriously as a country. Boy oh boy, if they could only see in 1775 where we were gonna go [the moon]! Washington was a rebel, and I’m sure the British were ready to pay for his head on a platter.

Mmm, and to know those political tiding still exist. How far we’ve come!

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Video Of The Day 67 [tahteebayy]

Tahteebayy posted her first video 7 years ago, and since she has gone on to receive over 8.4 million views. Like many great asmrtists, she will often incur upon us a several-months long gap between uploads. Not all the time! But in one of her most recent videos, she began by apologizing for her absence.

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Gibi ASMR title image alternative

Video Of The Day 49 [Gibi]

Gibi ASMR is a giant in the ASMR game, and in fact, she might also be the best asmrtist for helping on one’s journey to sobriety. I often refer to Raffy Taphy as the G.O.A.T., and I will always stand by that, but Gibi is the G.O.A.T. as well.

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