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Jupiter’s 80th Moon Egoistisch, with Twitch ASMR

I’m almost positive that today is a first here at, because I am featuring a video from Twitch today! Normally I pick a YouTube video, almost always ASMR, and then I write my blog post inspired by the video and I try to, everyday, make some sort of connection between ASMR and Holistic Wellness.

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3Dio ASMR Done Right

ASMR is a language other than your own can be very soothing. The real question is, do mouth sounds sound the same in every language? You can find out today.

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viva asmr

Peace Love and VIVA ASMR

It’s a thing that some people have, and some people have later. Today’s Video Of The Day is so cute and peaceful it practically pains me. Still, I’ve watched it twice; and the video only came out yesterday!

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Slight Sounds ASMR

Video Of The Day 120 [Slight Sounds] – Overdosing in Portuguese

Am I making sense? Or is this making you feel as if all hope is lost? Honestly! My philosophy is so much different than most of the sobriety philosophies I have encountered. If you want to have a drink, you will probably end up having a drink. If you don’t want to have a drink, you will probably end up not having a drink.

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