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3Dio ASMR Done Right

ASMR is a language other than your own can be very soothing. The real question is, do mouth sounds sound the same in every language? You can find out today.

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Goodnight Moon

ASMR Daily 175 Rambles In The Rain

Watching Goodnight Moon slowly creep to one million subscribers on YouTube is a stark reminder of how difficult it is to achieve that number. She has been making high quality ASMR for a few years now, and the oldest video on her channel is from three years ago, but her channel was started in January of 2014. I’m not sure how soon after her induction to The Community she got popular, but I believe it was pretty immediate.

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Slight Sounds ASMR

Video Of The Day 120 [Slight Sounds] – Overdosing in Portuguese

Am I making sense? Or is this making you feel as if all hope is lost? Honestly! My philosophy is so much different than most of the sobriety philosophies I have encountered. If you want to have a drink, you will probably end up having a drink. If you don’t want to have a drink, you will probably end up not having a drink.

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asmr bluekatie title image

Video Of The Day 119 [BlueKatie] – 落ち着く?

Today’s Video Of The Day is perfect for individuals who desire the vibes provided by human connection, without having to dedicate their energy to participating in the vibe. Unless of course you speak Japanese…because then it will be much more difficult for you to maintain any internal dialogue.

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