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Julieta ASMR

Video Of The Day 162 [Julieta ASMR] – The Softest Intro

Sometimes I prefer whispering, and other times I choose soft-speaking; when listening to ASMR, it’s forever both. Today however, we are only going to experience the whispered portion of that dichotomy. We are also going to experience some tapping…perhaps some of the best tapping I have ever heard.

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Moosetonic ASMR

Video Of The Day 114 [Moosetonic] – Moose got a 3Dio!

Moosetonic is new on the scene, and she has developed her ASMR channel quite quickly. Beginning her journey as an asmrtist on April 5th of this year, she has already accumulated over 68k views. Those are the numbers of a creator that has been approved by the Community! The Mighty Moose has my approval too!

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