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3Dio ASMR Done Right

ASMR is a language other than your own can be very soothing. The real question is, do mouth sounds sound the same in every language? You can find out today.

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Learning About Magic Wands and Water with ASMRplanet

ASMRplanet is an amazing channel if you are considering ASMR as a way to fight addictive urges, as her content is diverse and fun. When you are considering a journey away from hard drugs, alcohol, or even sugar and other unhealthy foods, your mental limits will be tested, and that is why focusing on content that is fun and light-hearted can important.

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Goodnight Moon

ASMR Daily 175 Rambles In The Rain

Watching Goodnight Moon slowly creep to one million subscribers on YouTube is a stark reminder of how difficult it is to achieve that number. She has been making high quality ASMR for a few years now, and the oldest video on her channel is from three years ago, but her channel was started in January of 2014. I’m not sure how soon after her induction to The Community she got popular, but I believe it was pretty immediate.

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Latrece title image forreal

The ASMR Daily #174 – Should You Hire An Audio Engineer For ASMR

Latrece is going to continue making great content. She is personable, and I think her demeanor naturally lends to organic YouTube growth. Still, I calls em hows I sees em, or in this case I’m calling it how I hear it. Specifically, I am comparing the audio from Latrece to the audio of Gibi, and I am immediately struck that I like Gibi’s audio better. I believe that if Latrece thought she could achieve 2.6 million followers, she would be happy to walk the path. Personally I believe that path starts with an investment in higher quality audio production for her ASMR. Then again, I have never run a successful YouTube channel.

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