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How To Promote Your ASMR YouTube Channel Without Becoming Slime

This morning I read a Tweet from Alykat’s Tingles ASMR.

Cheers to that! Right? Anyone practicing ethical capitalism will probably agree with her statement, however, I am certain mere words will not stop individuals from attempting to hi-jack and control out beautiful Community. If you ask me, I should be the hardest player in ASMR. I mean, I write a website where the entire concept is that not everyone will succeed, but don’t let that get in your way of success. Personally, I feel like most of the ASMR Community is more kind than I am, but perhaps I am just cynical.

An Introduction

Today I want to introduce to you, my readers [which have numbered over 1000 this month!], a couple of videos which I believe can help you achieve success in regards to monetizing ASMR. The fact is, we aren’t going to be able to stop the individuals asking “sub 4 sub,” and further more I don’t think we should give them power by talking about them! Haha. Trust me, that train hasn’t even left the station! It is likely that, eventually, less than 10% of the creators in the ASMR Community will be practicing ethical capitalism; all we can do to combat this is make sure we only watch creators we believe are practicing ethical capitalism, and not engage them when they ask for favors [I realize I have asked for favors from some of yall, but I did so with confidence, just like I write these words with confidence].

Whether you’re making content because you have a passion for ASMR, or just find it the most accelerated path to fame, I don’t really care. All I care is that you practice ethical capitalism, and make an effort to create quality content – the kind of content that gives people a real chance at combating addiction, alcoholism, depression, anxiety, or maybe even PTSD [which is an area I am not personally familiar with]. Do I sound like a cynic? I pray not that you view me in such light; for I am a realist! It is a must I separate myself from the end result of what I create, because although I know my blog will help some individuals achieve sobriety, I know there will also be individuals that never achieve sobriety…and my heart can’t take hearing all those stories. So I just write…and I concern myself not with what others are doing.

“Don’t try to change the world. Find something that you love and do it everyday. Do that for the rest of your life, and eventually the world will change.” – Macklemore, Growing Up.

1. Prepare Yourself For Success

This first recommendation is not tailored towards individuals creating video content, but I believe the story will still resonate. Reaching out to companies, or other artists you want to work with, is a powerful way to extend your career in the industry. If you have confidence in what you are creating I believe it is also a good idea to assess what you might be worth. Right away when Nakisha reached out to a local company, they asked her about her rates. Be prepared! Confidence is part of that preparation. Myself, as a recovered alcoholic, I am confident in my sobriety. When I look to ASMR as tool for maintaining sobriety I look to individuals that help me maintain that confidence. Now, as I write this, I am also keeping in mind that ASMR is an art form, and that one can simply make it to make art, but that demonstrates a confidence in the creation of that art. That being said: I am speaking to, I believe, those who are creating ASMR for myriad reasons…folks who want the b_____s and the m___y. Or whatever Drake is referring to “success” as these days.

Artists that don’t have a plan, don’t get the yams. Idk about you, but I f_____g love yams.

2. Work Smarter, Not Harder

This video provides examples of how asmrtists that incorporate a specific niche to pair with their ASMR creations will have better results in the search engine. As I have stated, individuals that are creating ASMR for asmr’s purposes might not even seek advice to grow their channels. I think Raffy Taphy just started making videos because he thought it would make him happy.

On the contrary, we can look at someone like Cherry Crush ASMR. I’m almost 100% sure that she began her ASMR channel as a way to market a second brand – or branch of the same brand – that she has. Does this stop individuals the world across from listening to her ASMR for free on YouTube? No. Even if her creating ASMR was simply the side effect of a marketing campaign, it isn’t innately bad for anyone! We can bring that on home with a reminder that she has [probably] not gone out seeking sub4sub.

3. Be Yourself - Be Successful

ASMR and Funny has a future. “Welcome to the Stampede!” Holy ____, that’s so good! You see, being yourself can pay off if you follow through with it like you’re dropping into a half-pipe.

Gibi is the primordial example of this phenomenon. When she came around in 2015 [was it?] I thought I had had tingles to it all! Low and behold, she was just the first in a stampede of new-age asmrtists that made me relax and gave me tingles not because they used soft sounds, but because they used soft sounds to their advantage. Gibi seems to me, to be someone in their natural habitat doing what they love. Now let’s compare her work to, say, ASMR Haven. I have to tell you that I have no idea if ASMR Haven is someone in their natural habitat doing what they love, however I am certain that both creators have helped me in their own equal and unique ways. 

The Primordial Cool

4. What Do You Find Interesting?

Let’s take a quick look at one of the greatest YouTube videos to have ever been made, shall we? This man decided to answer a question, and honestly, if it wasn’t for YouTube, he might not have decided to answer that question!

!Spoiler Alert! You only pull the emergency brake when you’re in the station, or more specifically, when the subway train presents imminent danger to life and limb. This…was something New Yorkers were almost certainly happy to hear an explanation about. I bet someone could literally do the same video today, but in ASMR fashion, and they might even be able to get more than 1.7 million views. ASMR has an innately large audience; I’ve written about this before. ASMR was not invented recently; we’ve only just discovered it recently. It is likely that our ancestors for thousands of years have experienced the phenomenon, and so to think that we will be able to self induce if for the rest of humanities existence is…pretty cool.


Making ASMR videos isn’t always that different from making  other kinds of YouTube videos. People are going to listen to you if they like you, and they are going to find you if you’re answering the questions they have.

I envision a future with ASMR Vloggers, ASMR Newscasters, ASMR Journalists, ASMR reviewers, plain-ole Interpretive Asmrtists; Oh! The list goes on!

My last thought for you today?

Never be scared to be yourself, because the only thing to fear, is your future-self.

x. Spark Twain

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