Love Yourself And Good Things Will Happen

love yourself and good things will happen

I’m very serious when I write that. Love Yourself and good things will happen. More than just believeing in that, I am become proof. 

My heart and soul was poured into this blog for 3/4ths of a whole year! That’s what I did during the pandemic ~ I wrote this blog! I stopped writing my daily blog on January 2nd, and I actually meant to move those last 30ish blog posts over to this website, but I never did that. I stopped writing here in like November, I think, and then I still wrote on until January 2nd of 2021. But then I totally stopped. What did I do? Oh geez ~ I went and had the time of my life! January was a little slow, and dull, but it was my first time not writing daily in almost a whole year! So I really just tried to embrace being lazy haha. Then, in February, I started going out and making freestyle rap with this group San Carlos Park Music. That was in Florida, and it was one of the best experiences of my life. 

From February into April, I continued to go out and make music with these guys. I had [and still have] no car, so the guys would give me a lot of rides. Well, and then I ended up dating this girl for awhile. That was a genuinely wonderful experience, and I hope she feels the same way. She might not though, idk, life isn’t always an even break like that. But, I lived with her, and I really enjoyed the time we spent together. But she is on a differint vibe than me. She works very hard, but I’m looking to work smarter, and there were other reasons we didn’t vibe.

We broke up, and the when I was in Orlando a few shorts days later, I got a call from a guy in New Mexico. He told me about a project he’s working on, and you know what? I wanted to be apart of the project to such a degree, that I rented an apartment, bought a plane ticket, and moved to NM! So here I am, in New Mexico. I came out here to work with an addiction recovery center. I’m seriously dedicated to helping other people! 

I am also dedicated to my passion of writing, and I don’t want yall to think I have disapeared forever. I haven’t! I can be found other places on the intenet, and in the near future I will be speaking loudly and clearly on behalf of an organization and my fellow teammates. I look forward to the support from the ASMR Community. I love yall, and you helped teach me to love myself, and I did exactly that, and good things have happened and I expect good things will continue to happen, for me and all the people I love. Which includes you! 

Hmm…okay! That’s my update for today! Have a beautiful Monday, and I’ll talk to you soon. I’m sorry this website has been kinna dead, but either way, there is a lot of material here and I honestly believe it can help people, so I am going to find new ways to make this writing work for me!

At the same time, I am going to build this website into a dedicated home for ASMR. If you want to be apart of the future of ASMR, tune back in to this blog every once-and-a-while for updates. I will be back soon. I Promise, & Peace!

x. Chris Buckley