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The day was Sunday, December 2nd of 2018. T’was a good day to start something new! Both Madi ASMR and myself were glued to the same vibe: try something new. She started her ASMR channel on that Sunday, and has since come to garner over 45 million views, and just last night she hit 300k subscribers on YouTube!

Everybody congratulate Madi!

I like that the last letter of her name is an upsidown exclamation point.

Is upsidown a word? Somebody email Webster!!

What about the quality of her content though? I know that is what is on everybody’s mind. Does the artist make good sounds?

There is no need to hold your breath! Because yes! the artist does makes good sounds, but that’s not all I have to say about Madi ASMR. Watching videos and hearing sounds, yes, but also criticizing the artistic talent, devotion, and most importantly, consumability.


Somewhere in the past I had come across Madi ASMR, but I wasn’t a subscriber until this morning [look for us on yt]. The first contribution of hers I consumed is the one above, and I chose it because, recently, I bought a Zoom H6 recorder myself, and I wanted to see her opinion on it.

One thing that is unavoidably obvious about Madi, is that she is quite young. So young in fact, I believe she might have gone into making ASMR directly after highschool [a wise career choice].

ASMR.Community is, of course, about ASMR, but it is also dedicated to the alcoholics of the world. I am one, and so we must ask ourselves “Can Madi ASMR help the alcoholics and drug addicts of the world?” The answer is, again, yes, and this is because the artist makes good sounds.

All that being said, I did not like how the above video started with “Hello, Sweetie.”

The rest of the video was really solid, albeit it was not the review I was looking for, but it was still some very good ASMR [I’m at work yall; don’t fault me for being excited about a review!]. I really thought she was going to plug it in…

She did it again! She started the video by calling me sweetheart! Okay, okay, okay. Tbh, she doesn’t even make me feel weird about it. There are some very strange things going on within the world of ASMR, and one thing we are focusing on here at asmr.commmunity is establishing guidelines for what is, and what is not: ASMR.

Using ASMR in place of companionship is something useful, but also something dangerous. If you’ve fallen in love with your favorite asmrtist, we are here to bring you back to earth. You wouldn’t fall in love with your doctor, would you? That being said, if your doctor called you Sweetie, you probably wouldn’t find it extraordinarily weird. Just like a 7 out of 10…maybe…

In the future, I have a feeling I will draw the line at Madi ASMR. If you try to get any closer to me than Madi ASMR, I might think you just want to churn minutes of my lifetime into your advertising revenue. Now!

The above being said, you should watch whatever makes you relaxed. If your goal is to overcome some affliction, like depression, or alcoholism, then you have to make decisions and have confidence in them.

Amidst the zenith

I discovered

Weeping Willows

are only Trees

To find success in this world, sometimes you’ve got to get down and dirty; sometimes you’ve got to do some weird stuff! I haven’t entirely decided if I am going to keep this site PG yet. I am lugging around a bag full of confidence in myself, but I tell you it is quite difficult. To set down my satchel of lessons is an impossible task, but to carry them further seems harder still. If there is any teardrop of hope that listening to, or watching ASMR will help you subside from consuming alcohol, then it really doesn’t matter how “weird” the videos might seem/make you feel at first. Do what makes you happy.

x. Spark Twain

* * *

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