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Open A Business To Fight Addiction

If you have never blessed yourself by consuming a video from Annura’s ASMR, then today is your day!Today is also Monday, which has long been my favorite day of the week. I’m out in my garage right now, drinking my coffee and, well honestly, I’m mostly thinking about life – where as I should be writing this article! I’m doing a lot of different things to try and bring monetization into this blog, and it’s easy to get wrapped up in those thoughts. For instance, I created a Twitter page for Annura’s ASMR. She wasn’t on Twitter, but now she is! It’s unfortunate to say that she doesn’t have a choice in the matter, but it’s also important to note that I would do my best to respect her wishes, if she presented them to me. When it comes to running a business about ASMR [any business, actually], I think my career is drawing the line between what is Ethical, and what is Not Ethical. In researching how to run a business, I find a lot of videos on the internet teaching people how to be sleazebags; but that isn’t how the title’s typically describe the videos.

Both because I enjoy creating videos, and also I don’t believe there is enough “real” information available about how to open a business in the modern era, I’m creating a YouTube series where I am documenting my first attempt at opening a profitable business. The stuff I am writing about today will definitely make it into that series. Creating a Twitter page for someone is a pretty aggressive way of marketing, and it can even end you up in court because it is illegal in most places to exploit someone else’s likeness. That being said – anyone can make a fan page, and it’s not a bad way to market your brand! So, just this morning I sent Annura a message on Instagram notifying her about the creation of the Twitter page…which occurred on Halloween? Is that really the last time I wrote about her? – lemme look. Totally! Scary Stories For Sleep! In truth, I was planning to write about Ephemeral Rift that whole week, because he has a lot of content that could be described as “halloweenish,” but then I didn’t even attempt to actually follow through with that goal. Obviously, I believe the videos I chose and wrote about made for a better week than: “7 days of E.R.”

Everything about Annura’s ASMR is perfect! I wish it wasn’t, but it is! Why do I wish it wasn’t? Oh, because there isn’t enough of it! There is something to be said about new content. I’ve been writing for years with the idea that most of my writing won’t be read until after I am dead, which very well could be true. However, one thing I have noticed, not only about the work I create, but also in regards to the content I consume – New Content Rules. Annura’s ASMR is one of the best ASMR Channels in the known universe! But do I go back and write about her old content? Nope. I’m standing here writing about her new content! Now, in particular with Annura, it seems she came to be popular quite fast. Her channel is only about 18 months old, and she has 230k subscribers! If everybody had those results, everybody would create ASMR haha. So it is perhaps logical to focus on Annura’s new content. But look at someone like ALB in Whisperland. ALB started her channel in 2012! And she has 292k subscribers. Also, it is worth noting that ALB has upon her channel 253 videos, and Annura has 76. Annura has 15m views, and ALB has…43 million. Those are just some facts. I’m not sure that they will help you get sober, but I do strongly believe that opening a business can be a lifeline to healthy living, and I am certain that tech companies are the future, so I’m just giving you my two cents. People prefer consuming new content, but there are obvious and significant benefits to being seasoned with your craft. Just as you learn more as you get older, you also learn more the longer you run a business – success both affects how and how much you learn, but it is not everything. You can fail at opening a business, but gain the required knowledge to run a successful one in the future Or you can get struck by luck and run a business for several years without really knowing what you are doing, only to have it crumble from the heights of it’s greatness. You’ve got Money, Power, and Freedom; Body, Spirit, and Mind. Don’t get caught up in any one of those things, because you are going to want all three eventually.

x. Spark Twain

Annura's ASMR

Everyday Sobriety Advice

I am a recovered alcoholic/drug addict, but I am not a qualified addiction counselor. To help other alcoholics/addicts achieve sobriety, I have created the mantra’s below. Although I call them “steps,” I believe that all four mantra’s should be recited in concurrence.

When the urge to drink alcohol or use drugs comes upon you, I suggest reciting these four steps, and then implementing an activity to “kill time” until your urge to use drugs/alcohol is less intense. I suggest you use ASMR videos to “kill time”

Good luck, My Friend

Below are the steps of admittance required for using The ASMR.Community Sobriety Program [ACSP] successfully.

Step 1: “Sobriety is a choice, and it is up to me to make the right choice.”

Step 2: “Not everybody will be able to achieve sobriety, but that knowledge does not prevent my success regarding sobriety.”

Step 3: “The urge to imbibe (substances that I know will prevent my success) is finite. Sometimes the urge will exist, sometimes the urge will not exist.”

Step 4: “Sobriety is not the same for everyone. Success is.”

I believe the steps I listed above are a complete, non-exclusionary list of all mental admissions needed to achieve your goals regarding sobriety.


Everybody’s definition of sobriety is different, but everybody’s definition of success is the same.

* * *

If you would like to learn more, make sure to read our Philosophy Of Addiction Recovery 1.

For more daily support, check out Sober James on YouTube. He does a livestream every night at 21:00 Eastern Standard Time, and his live streams are a great place to receive support, gain motivation, and listen to encouragement in regard to addiction recovery. His program is based on the Twelve Steps.

SMART Recovery is another great program for individuals who are ready to tackle their addictions.

If you are seeking spiritual guidance, I highly encourage you to check out Tarot Reader ASMR. Her name is Amalia, and she is a kind-hearted individual with a skill for bringing us closer to ourselves.

Don’t underestimate the power of Yoga! Specifically Yoga With Adriene. My shoulder is broken, and so you can do some Yoga for me too. I really wish I could…

If you are looking or more information about ASMR, I’ve found the best place to learn about the subject is ASMR University. Their information is accurate [to the best of my knowledge], and plentiful. I mostly work with the application of ASMR, but there is a whole lot more to ASMR than using it to gain sobriety or fall asleep, including the history and the science of it.

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