Origin Story


My name is Spark Twain.

I started ASMR.Community in April, 2019, knowing only that I wanted to get more involved with the ASMR Community.

Since 2013 I have been using ASMR to improve the quality of my life, and during that time I have quit smoking cigarettes, and I have overcome alcoholism. 

Without ASMR, who knows where I would be!?

These days I am two years out from my last drink.

Since April of 2020, I have been selecting one ASMR video every day and writing a small blog post about the video. I write about the video and how it relates to alcoholism, addiction, and overall mental and holistic health. Overtime I hope my words will help individuals themselves find success in regards to sobriety.

No matter where the future takes us, we promise to stay true to our roots of alcoholism and addiction recovery, and that’s something you can write home about; and overtime I know you will find us to be a reliable option when it comes to addiction recovery. The idea to use ASMR as a catalyst to overcome addiction is not an incredible breakthrough, and in fact I think most people these days see the immediate and multitude of possibilities ASMR presents as a voluntary and readily available treatment for, well, anything you want it to be! There are no guidelines when it comes to ASMR. So anyway, what I’m saying is, I believe one day ASMR will be well known as a way to fight addiction and alcoholism, and this will happen once enough people are talking about those possibilities. Once people start talking about ASMR as a way to fight alcoholism, it will just keep growing and growing, and I don’t think it will ever run out of gas…unlike a lawnmower engine; and to finish that analogy: I believe this blog could be the string which starts the ever revolving 2 stroke engine of ASMR Recovery.

When you read this blog, you are supporting the fight against alcoholism and drug addiction.

Thanks for reading!

x. Spark Twain