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why you should get sober today

Why You Should Get Sober Today

Why should you get sober today? The answer is simple, and you already know that. You gotta believe me when I say: Eventually, you will thank yourself for the hardwork you put in right now.

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Send me your addiction recovery story

Send Me Your Addiction Recovery Story

If you have more of a problem talking about your use of ASMR than your use of drugs, you’ve got your priorities all out of whack. First foot off the bike should not be secured in drug use. It should be secured in an individuals confidence. Confidence, are you hearing me?

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Ephemeral Rift

Try This ASMR For Addiction Recovery

Addictions are associated with a strong feeling. A feeling stronger than the natural world around us typically brings, and stronger than we evolved having. You must learn to accept sublet feelings as the norm.

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How To Keep A Needle Out Of Your Arm

How To Keep A Needle Out Of Your Arm

If you’re just arriving, welcome to the blog. We’re talking about keeping a needle out of your arm. Personally, I found the best way to keep a bottle out of my hand was to take to the internet. Now, I’ve fucked with opiates. The scary part is…

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wildfire asmr


WildFire ASMR has been practicing the day old principle of clearing unpassable thickets since December 11th of last year. She is a pro in the game, and today’s video is one that can help remove your problems by the root.

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anne whisper

Don’t Turn Around at 18 Months Sober

To fight through addiction, you need to be self reliant. I know I know, everyone else goes to meetings, but I’ve met enough people that are not helped by those meetings to make the assertion that being self reliant provides for more stability. Look at the condition of the world right now!

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