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Video Of The Day 132 [Ruby True] – Sobriety For ASMR Vikings

Television is a real bonding experience for some people, and I always get left out. I don’t really enjoy watching TV. I feel like the more TV I watch in my youth, the more I will have to work a minimum wage job when I am 80 years old. My plan for retirement is actually to watch all the shows I’ve missed

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my asmr addiction

Video Of The Day 131 [My ASMR Addiction] – Getting Addicted To Being An Astronaut

What does this have to do with addiction and alcoholism? Well, I feel like some individuals end up becoming addicts simply because the state the world is in! At least in the United States, I don’t think things make a lot of sense. Growing up, people would always tell me “Get a good job at a factory and then you’ll be able to retire in 20 years,” and I thought to myself “I’d rather die.”

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asmr twodae

Video Of The Day 127 [twodae] – Sin Chow Sobriety!

I went to Vietnam for six weeks in 2019. There are, of course, other American’s that have been to Vietnam, but there are almost certainly more American’s suffering from addiction. Addiction in America is an epidemic, and I am proud to be doing my part on the issue.

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PierreG ASMR

Video Of The Day 125 [Pierre G] – Metric Worry Removal

Without question, I use the metric system more than the “American standard” system of measurement. Recently I came to Florida, from California where I had been living for almost three years. Suddenly I am seeing more of – and using- the “United States customary units” again!

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