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Video Of The Day 98 [Accidentally Graceful] – Fight The Urge To Venice Beach

I’ve been watching Accidentally Graceful for years. She is one of the asmrtists that I built a personal connection with on my journey out of alcoholism. How the whole thing works, my use of ASMR to conquer alcoholism, is this: First! You must understand that the urge to consume alcohol, or drugs, or fast food, or sugar, or whatever substance you find to be plaguing your life – the urge to consume that stuff is not constant, the urge will exist some of the time, and the urge with not exist most of the time.

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Annura's ASMR title image

Video Of The Day 95 [Annura’s ASMR] – Happy 4th of July!

ASMR is a powerful tool. It’s power has been proven, at least to me, because ASMR helped me overcome alcoholism. Some individuals might feel the power of ASMR because they use the videos to fall asleep, or because they use the videos of fight anxiety attacks. Further still, there are individuals who feel the power of ASMR because they use it to concentrate.

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Bloop ASMR

Video Of The Day 94 [Bloop ASMR] – “What’s That Sound?”

Bloop! Did you forget how fun it is to say that word? Is it a word? Let’s find out. Oookay so apparently: “Bloop was an ultra-low-frequency, high amplitude underwater sound detected by the U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration [NOAA] in 1997.”source You can listen to that sound right here right now at 16x the original recorded speed.

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Moosetonic ASMR

Video Of The Day 93 [Moosetonic ASMR] – The ASMR Club of Happiness

Moosetonic is a strange name for a skilled individual. I’ve been following her on Twitter for some time, but only last week was did I dive into her content. It’s grade A! The first horse outta the gate reined her personality. Sometimes she’ll just give you this look in the middle of her tingle extravaganza, and it’s quite obvious she’s cheesy and fun. I like cheese, but I love fun.

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Trigger Happy ASMR

Video Of The Day 92 [Trigger Happy ASMR] – Fast Tapping Done Well

When you look up “trigger happy” on Google, it says: “ready to react violently, especially by shooting, on the slightest provocation.”

When you look up “trigger happy” on YouTube, well, first it showed a song by Weird Al, but all the other top hits for that search provided Trigger Happy ASMR, whom is a gentleman from the UK that makes phenomenal ASMR.

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ASMR Alysaa

Video Of The Day 90 [ASMR Alysaa] – Eternal ASMR

First, there was George Washington. He was the president of the United States before anyone took us seriously as a country. Boy oh boy, if they could only see in 1775 where we were gonna go [the moon]! Washington was a rebel, and I’m sure the British were ready to pay for his head on a platter.

Mmm, and to know those political tiding still exist. How far we’ve come!

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Video Of The Day 89 [OZONE ASMR] – A Prescription For Relaxation

Although there is nil scientific evidence for ASMR, there are a fair amount of medical professionals creating ASMR. What are medical professionals if not scientists [or sorcerers]? The first of such individuals I discovered was Mellow, formerly known as Mellow ASMR. He ousted most of his content [deleted or made private 95% of his videos], which was something I realized while writing votd-35. The loss of his videos are a loss for the whole Community.

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Slight Sounds ASMR

Video Of The Day 87 [Slight Sounds ASMR] – Light as a Typewriter

Have you ever picked up a typewriter? They are so heavy, especially compared to the modern day computer [as far as laptops go, I opt for the light-as-possible option]. It is due to the computer that we are able to achieve the massive amount of production we continue to achieve. Can you imagine if I wrote these Video Of The Day articles on a typewriter?

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