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Video Of The Day 81 [SoftAnnaPL] – Mask Season

Softanna was wearing a mask before it was required, or before it was cool. Personally, I think it’s cool to wear a mask. It’s cool because it has scientific relevance. When I was in Vietnam, so many people were wearing masks! I couldn’t believe it! In India I felt like only 5-10% of the people wore masks [still more than America, by a lot], but in Vietnam I felt like 80-90% of people were wearing masks!! Am I misremembering?

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Chynaunique ASMR

Video Of The Day 80 [Chynaunique] – Fame is like Gasoline

Energy Plucking has grown to become one of my favorite ASMR triggers. It’s probably an evolution from my love of hand movements; I really enjoy it when asmrtists do stuff with their hands. When an asmrtist brings their hands to the forefront of their video making, they are giving you an additional piece of themselves, in the most literal sense.

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ASMR Haven

Video Of The Day 78 [ASMR Haven] – The Radar to Stardom

From May 29th to June 12th, this blog featured only Black Asmritsts in support of the #BlackLivesMatter movement. During that time I discovered many new artists. Today I will share with you the asmrtist holding the top spot on my ‘radar to stardom,’ – the asmrtists that aren’t popular yet, but I believe that they will be soon!

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ASMattR ASMR title image

Video Of The Day 77 [ASMattR ASMR] – A Special Set of Skills

I’m not sure how many blogs there are about ASMR, but I’m confident this is the only blog promoting ASMR as thee catalyst for change in regards to alcoholism and addiction recovery. Not only can ASMR provide t!ngles, but it can also be used as a sleep aid, or as an introduction to meditation. All of which are great tools when the goal is to conquer addiction!

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The French Whisperer

Video Of The Day 76 [The French Whisperer] – The Sobriety of Castles

I’ve been listening to The French Whisperer ASMR for longer than I’ve been listening to most asmrtists. His journey making videos began in November of 2013, and I started listening to ASMR in February of that same year. Hmm. I’ve always thought he had been making asmr longer than I have been listening to it, but today we find out different!

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Tingting ASMR

Video Of The Day 75 [Tingting ASMR]

Tingting ASMR asserts the forces of softness and stillness to provide a full, blossoming effect on thou who intake her presence. Her medical roleplay’s never cease to impress me, and they frequently induce my asmr.

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