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Hermetic Kitten

Video Of The Day 74 [Hermetic Kitten]

Bonjour! Today we return to our regularly scheduled programming, as it were…although, if you are too young [or live outside of America], you might have never heard the phrase: “and now back to our regularly scheduled programming.”

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Jay & Bee TV

Video Of The Day 73 [Jay & Bee TV]

Today’s Video Of The Day is a very special video, and it comes heavy and heartfelt because I am from the same city as today’s featured asmrtists.

Well, actually, today’s votd isn’t even an ASMR video. But there are two asmrtist’s in today’s video!

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Sung Mook

Video Of The Day 72 [Sung Mook]

Not to mention, a name like Sung Mook rolls off the tongue so incredibly nicely, + she is also also a young and beautiful individual. It seems to me, that if Sung Mook published more content, content more frequently and on a schedule, perhaps, she could, and quite likely would, rise to become one of the stars of ASMR.

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Trigger The Tingles ASMR

Video Of The Day 71 [Trigger The Tingles ASMR]

Some voices rise above the rest, and Layla from Trigger The Tingles ASMR has an amazingly unique and comforting voice; the kind that is perfect for ASMR.

Since releasing her first video in March of 2017, Layla has come garner over 8.9 million views, with over 62k subscribers.

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Video Of The Day 70 [ASMRTheChew]

I stopped watching Tosh.0 around 2013; In 2016 I stopped watching cable television all together, but that is not the point. If you are familiar with the show Tosh.0 on Comedy Central, then you know that he reviews videos from the internet for the purposes of entertainment.

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Video Of The Day 69 [K.O. ASMR]

Cranial Nerve Exam videos make for some of the most powerful ASMR I have encountered. These types of videos mix up many different aspects to arouse a unique sensation of the phenomenon, ASMR.

With a cranial nerve exam video you get many triggers with one video.

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ASMR Haven

Video Of The Day 68 [ASMR Haven]

ASMR and Tapping go together like two pea’s in a relaxation pod! There are also two p’s in the word tapping. Coincidence? I think not!

If you have never heard of ASMR Haven, get ready to feel a rush of relief! Because her videos are pure, unadulterated, ole fashion ASMR.

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Video Of The Day 67 [tahteebayy]

Tahteebayy posted her first video 7 years ago, and since she has gone on to receive over 8.4 million views. Like many great asmrtists, she will often incur upon us a several-months long gap between uploads. Not all the time! But in one of her most recent videos, she began by apologizing for her absence.

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Batala's ASMR title image alternative

Video Of The Day 66 [Batala’s ASMR]

For some, ASMR can be a bonding experience. I have experienced that bond in minimal fashion. There have been a few times in my life have I met an individual, and discovered they enjoy the same asmrtists as myself. Even when this does happen, the person almost always knows the “most popular” asmrtists, and none other than.

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Annura's ASMR title image

Video Of The Day 64 [Annura’s ASMR]

Annura’s ASMR is one of the best ASMR channels I have ever discovered, and it’s unfortunate I did not discover her until yesterday.

One year and three weeks ago, Annura began her journey with YouTube. Today she has garnered over 6.4 million views! Wowza@! She is going to the stars, and beyond! 115K subscribers have it right: Annura’s ASMR is really good.

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Wildheart ASMR title image

Video Of The Day 63 [Wildheart ASMR]

How much do you know about Jamaica and Jamaican culture? Because today you are going to learn some Jamaican curse words!

Wildheart ASMR started making YouTube videos last year, and has since garnered over 137k views on the platform. If she continues along her similar path, she will surely find what she is looking for within The Community.

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