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Cocoa ASMR

Video Of The Day 62 [Cocoa ASMR]

Cocoa ASMR is undoubtedly new on the scene, as her channel began in July of 2019. However, she has not let this get in the way of her publishing quality content, with consistency. If she continues as is, it’s near certain that Cocoa will relinquish a viable income from the ASMR Community.

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ASMR Sharm

Video Of The Day 61 [ASMR Sharm]

When one introduces the element of comedy into the world of ASMR, the created works have become some of the all-time-greatest. It’s one thing to become comfortable in front of the camera, it’s another thing to be yourself in front of the camera.

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Young Prince ASMR

Video Of The Day 59 [Young Prince ASMR]

Yesterday I was sitting in this very chair, having a day dream. The day dream took place in a world where people decided their own race, and it was a decision they were allowed to come to on their own. This specific freedom of choice allowed people to create their own tribe. I pictured myself running into a man that looked like Kimbo Slice, and upon introduction he called himself a Spruce Man.

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Young Prince ASMR title image

Video Of The Day 58 [Young Prince ASMR]

Yesterday I left you, without a dope beat to step to, and for that I apologize. All I will say, is that the reaction from the people of Minneapolis in response to the death of George Floyd, is a rational and warranted reaction. Moving forward, and in an effort to promote the #BlackLivesMatter movement, I will be featuring black asmrtists for 14 days in a row.

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Video Of The Day 56 [quietexperiment]

As you may know, the goal of this blog is help those with alcoholism and other addictions easily find the best ASMR. So if an asmrtist makes it onto this site, it’s because I honestly believe their content can help those struggling. That being the case: today’s video was released June 23rd, 2012.

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Starling ASMR

Video Of The Day 54 [Starling ASMR]

Do you ever feel like the universe aligns you especially well with asmrtist’s suited for helping you? As members of The Community we don’t just watch ASMR, we participate in ASMR. You are not simply a bystander to the tingles which are resonating through your headphones!

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The Water Whipsers Ilse

Video Of The Day 53 [The Water Whispers Ilse]

Today we have a video that is quite special to me, because it is the first ASMR video I ever watched! Well, to be honest, I can’t really be 100% certain about a thing like that, because my memory fails me on a routine basis. Let’s get real:

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FrivolousFox ASMR

Video Of The Day 52 [FrivolousFox ASMR]

Unintelligible whispering has always been a favorite trigger of mine. It’s a real test of the mind, you see, because the listener absolutely must tune out the endless possibilities of what the artist is saying. If you try to understand the words that are behind an unintelligible whispering video [also known as inaudible whispering], you’re gonna have a bad time.

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ASMR Surge title image

Video Of The Day 51 [ASMR Surge]

When it comes to ASMR, visual triggers can be just as powerful as auditory triggers. In today’s Video Of The Day, you are going to see some of the most powerful visual triggers available throughout the ASMR Community.

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