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Video Of The Day 13 – [Maya ASMR]

Bom Dia! Tudo Bem?

For as long as I can remember, I have desired to learn a second language. At 27 years of age, it is safe to say that I speak English with exuberance, but also, I only speak English.

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Video Of The Day 12 – [Happy Easter!]

Today’s Video Of The Day is unique in that, it’s not actually a video. It’s a livestream! From PPOMO ASMR, and she has been live since March 20th! That is a crazy-long livestream, and just based on fact, some of the livestreaming time must be footage she has prerecorded…right?

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Maths Town title image

Video Of The Day 10 [Maths Town]

Today, we are talking about a YouTube channel called Maths Town. Now, you may be thinking “Twain bro, I thought this blog was about ASMR?” And you would be half correct. This blog is about ASMR, but it is also about addiction recovery.

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ASMRCTICA title image

Video Of The Day 9 [ASMRCTICA]

Do you like deep voices when it comes to ASMR? What about wholesome, well traveled individuals? Today’s VOTD is from one of my favorite asmrtists, and as an added bonus he has both of the above attributes!

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Video Of The Day 8 [ASMRTheChew]

Everybody wants something they can fall asleep to. Utilizing asmr to fall asleep is a cornerstone of the community, and something that will never go out of style. Today’s video is perfect for falling asleep straight-away.

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Goodnight Moon

Video Of The Day 7 [GoodnightMoon]

For well over a year now, I have been a fan of Goodnight Moon. Her videos entwine a fantastical side, which the asmriverse was lacking before she came along. One thing that really relaxes me, when it’s done right, is having music in an ASMR video [plus she released a version without music].

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ASMR Surge title image

Video Of The Day 4 [ASMR Surge] – Solid ASMR

Our fourth Video Of The Day needed to be something solid. We’re talking really solid, like, nobody who loves tingles would shy away from this one. We all have specific tastes when it comes to asmr, but some contributions are **just crisp,** like an apple in the morning

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Ephemeral Rift

Video Of The Day 3 [Ephemeral Rift] – Operation Stress Relief

The word ephemeral means “to exist for a very short time.” So, by definition an ‘ephemeral rift’ would be something that was supposed to exist for a very short time, but mutated.

This video starts with hand movements, which are complemented beautifully by the artists wearing of latex gloves. Afterwards, E.R. gives us tingles in a way only he knows how, using his beak.

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AccidentallyGraceful ASMR title image

How To Make A Peppermint Mocha ASMR Style

Tingles In Ten! How To Make A Peppermint Mocha

For a long time she has been one of my favorite asmrtists. Showcasing myriad skills; the healer, the producer, the artist, the teacher. Grace, of AccidentallyGraceful, has a beautiful soul that vibrates you with every one of her contributions to the community.

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