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Silver Hare

ASMR Healing Stones for the Body, Mind, Heart, and Soul

It’s like Mr. Hare knew that I felt apprehension about those cold steely barbs, but he also knew what needed to be done. After I heard that first snip I melted like jello in the hot sun [I’ve never actually seen jello melt], and felt immediately inspired to write this article.

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Video Of The Day 166 [Relaxing ASMR] – The One Where Ink’s Fun

Today’s video has helped me maintain sanity through deep and dark situation. On the surface, I looked normal and healthy. Inside my body however, in 2013, alcoholism was taking it’s toll. It’s curious to ponder upon how a video about ink, with a self-proclaimed old man describing the substance and its varieties to me, allowed for more radiant steps out of alcoholism than any other addiction recovery programs or methods I found.

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haripear asmr

Video Of The Day 165 [HariPear] – Post Apocalyptic ASMR

Four days after HariPear ASMR published today’s video, quarantined Italians took to their balconies and sang together in an event that will be remembered for many years to come. For many including myself, this event in Siena is recognized as the beginning of global awareness for the Coronavirus Pandemic.

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Julieta ASMR

Video Of The Day 162 [Julieta ASMR] – The Softest Intro

Sometimes I prefer whispering, and other times I choose soft-speaking; when listening to ASMR, it’s forever both. Today however, we are only going to experience the whispered portion of that dichotomy. We are also going to experience some tapping…perhaps some of the best tapping I have ever heard.

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Moosetonic ASMR

Video Of The Day 161 [Moosetonic] – Finger Flutters

Welcome to the day after Labor Day! Presumably you are back at work after a well deserved long weekend, but with the pandemic, did you really go back to work? I’ve never had an office job, I’ve only ever worked at restaurants, really; plus a little landscaping and snow removal.

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neinei tingles

Video Of The Day 159 [NeiNei Tingles] – Gassed Up

Everybody needs some gas sometimes, and positive affirmations in the form of ASMR are one of the best ways to get gassed up! In a world that is rife with negativity, it’s important to remember that we all have our place, none of us more important than trees, none of us less important than stars.

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