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Video Of The Day 139 [Hong dan] 나무 받침대

Wood is one of the most variable ASMR triggers there is, and I believe it’s natural qualities grant it supernatural powers as a healing resource in regards to addiction recovery. It is important to maintain constant vigilance, and not put neither Wood nor Sobriety on a pedestal.

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Peace Love and VIVA ASMR

It’s a thing that some people have, and some people have later. Today’s Video Of The Day is so cute and peaceful it practically pains me. Still, I’ve watched it twice; and the video only came out yesterday!

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Video Of The Day 136 [ASMRSurge] – Want To Hear Something Crazy?

Since April 1st I have been calling this “my blog,” but from here forward, the move will be to call it “our blog.” Because it is, in truth, all of our blog. What belongs to me is the quest to better help you find success in regards to sobriety. Remember, sobriety is different for everybody, but success is the same for everybody.

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