Rights and Policies

The terms “We” and “I” and “asmr.community” are used interchangeably within this text.

I am not a lawyer, and in fact, I only graduated High School by the skin of my teeth. However that did not stop me from crafting up, of scratch, my own Policy Page.

I will never send you anything that could be considered “spam.”

I don’t own the rights to any of the videos I discuss or review, unless otherwise noted or not.

ASMR.COMMUNITY does not own any of the motion picture content displayed or depicted on this site, unless otherwise stated or not. All content on the website asmr.community exists because of or was inspired by third party content, namely ASMR content, aptly available on content platforms such as YouTube and Spotify, and all content inspired by or that may be associated with third party content is created with review and discussion purposes in mind, and is available for entertainment, meditation/spiritual, or otherwise non-noted purposes upon the reader/consumers end.

ASMR.COMMUNITY does not own the rights to ANY of the videos on this site, unless otherwise stated or not. All videos are the property of YouTube LLC unless removed from YouTube.com, in which case the videos will automatically not be viewable on this website.

ASMR.Community will not sell, rent, or lease any collected information, such as your email address, name, location, age, gender, interests, or frequency of use for this website.

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We care about your privacy, fellow Human.