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The Future Of ASMR

The future of ASMR is uncertain, but I am of the belief that consumers always lead the way in innovation. The more we as viewers inform asmrtists what we want to see within the Community, the more likely it is that the Community will continue to prosper. This is a natural thing; it’s already happening. So! Today I am going to speak loud and clear what I believe the ASMR Community will look like in the near future. If I want to see these things, other people must also want to see these things, and in parallel these ideas strike me as very logical next-steps for our already thriving and functioning community of artists.

1. ASMR News Channels

Boy oh boy! Am I ever excited for ASMR News! You see, I’m an old fart now at 28 years of age, and me myself, I like watching the news. If you don’t keep up with the daily news, that’s okay, it’ll still be there is you ever decide you need it. Better still, asmr news is on the way! We’ve already got ASMR Gaming News, and that channel has been a huge success! Can you imagine the world of Independent ASMR News? It starts with regurgitating the news you hear from other sources [big news – stuff that everyone’s already talking about]. Down the road however, we could have independent journalists as part of the Community!

Watching the news can be a very stressful thing for a great many people. If you do not have your news sources finely tuned then getting sucked into the negative energy that most large news stations broadcast is all too easy. It’s almost as if they designed it that way…

Who doesn’t want to make consuming the news a more relaxing venture? Right now, your grandpa is the only person falling asleep while watching the news. But soon, that could be you too! That could be us! We could be falling asleep to the news. What a beautiful world that would be.

Now obviously when you have popular influencers taking it upon themselves to report “the news,” we all must consider who is qualified and who is not, and the qualifier is hardly in their truth, but in their power of agreement with – and the size of – their audience [Think Trump]. So! As ASMR News progresses as a genre, it will be our job as consumers to watch the news which has the most positive – and more informative impact. ASMR Gaming News is a pretty safe bet; I’m doubting we will see any controversy from the value he is providing. When we get to talking about Politics, and Finance; World News. Those subjects beckon the delicate touch of virtuous patience and moral truth. The more news channels there are, the better the genre will be as a whole. If you don’t see in existence what you believe should be there, create that thing!

Right now, if an asmrtist took the time every night or every early morning to compile the news stories of the day, and then presented their findings in ASMR format, I believe this would be received very well by the spectators within the Community. You can be sure I would watch!

In the future I believe there will be multiple ASMR News outlets, whether they be made of one asmrtist or multiple. I firmly believe that as we start whispering the news, people the world across will tune in.

2. ASMR in Education

It’s no secret that education is evolving. Anyone with access to a camera and the internet can become a teacher! Tthe internet has presented myriad opportunities, and in the world currently, many people spend countless hours on their phone. Not always are those individuals intaking valuable information while they are in what I call “phone zone.” This is, I believe, a supply problem and not a demand problem. As educational material becomes more readily available, it will become more readily consumed.

There are a lot of ASMR language lessons. Also, asmrtists such as The French Whisperer and Let’s Find Out ASMR have loads of content available for individuals who are interested in learning. But you know what’s awesome about knowledge? It’s ever expanding! If you think there is nothing left to teach, do you think there is nothing left to learn as well?

Educational material in the ASMR Community will allow us to reach new audiences, and the videos which provide timeless lessons will be able to pay those asmrtists for perhaps longer than your typical ASMR video.

Trade Schooling is another thing that could be integrated into the Community. I can picture myself watching a video called How to use a MIG welder – Taught ASMR style

Teaching individuals how to program computers using ASMR as the medium of delivery? That’s a future which is totally plausible.

How to select quality paint. How to select quality windows. There are many things which asmritsts could learn, and then teach their audience. Since many people aspire to own a home in their lifetime, I believe that videos which inform individuals in regards to home improvement will have a future in the ASMR Community. Plus! This would open up asmrtists to many sponsorship opportunities. If you’re showing your viewers how to identify a good window, might as well give them the opportunity to purchase that same quality window for their home, if they wish.

3. ASMR and Addiction Counseling

Did you think I was going to miss this one? The reality of ASMR is so loud in 2020, that medical professionals the world across are acknowledging their interest in the phenomenon. Right now however, I feel like most individuals in the medical field are a bit…uhh…preoccupied? Either with trying to get thy neighbor to wear a mask, or because they are literally on the floor wheeling gurney’s from the OR to the ICU and back again. Is that too vicious a picture?

Addiction Counseling, like all things organic, is evolving. It is not where it was in 1950, and it’s not even where it was in 2010. Addictions are evolving too. The opioid epidemic rages on, especially in the southern states of America. Alcohol consumption declined by 1% in 2017 and 2018, but it rose by 0.3 in 2019. Denver, Oakland, and Santa Cruz have legalized psychedelic mushrooms. What would your Mom say about that? What do medical professionals say?

The internet is going to be a huge factor in the evolution of Addiction Counseling. Just yesterday I listened the podcast Pivot with Kara Swisher and Scott Galloway. Scott said: “Most of our focus, because we are a consumer led economy, is if it’s good for bad for the consumer the general view point is: if it’s good for the consumer it saves him or her time, and over time should be able to be more cost effective. I find on the service provider side that it’s actually more taxing. I find teaching online classes very very difficult. And also if you [talk to my team about Zoom], my team finds it exhausting, and supposedly if your a therapist on the other side of delivering online therapy they says its very difficult and very tiring to do these online sessions.”

When it comes to addiction therapy it’s not like fixing a broken leg; there is no right or wrong way. There is only success and failure, and there is only one’s inner self that can judge those two things. That being said, when it comes to addiction recovery, if it works, it works. With the internet there are going to be many, many, many new influencers, personalities, companies, and groups that grapple for attention from recovering addicts. We will not know how many of these programs work until they have been tested long term. However, given that ASMR is already acknowledged as a non-medical-yet-still-successful way to fight depression and anxiety, I feel extending that acknowledgment to addiction recovery is a very short reach.

In Conclusion!

If you are looking for a way to provide value to your viewers, and at the same time stand out from the crowd, choosing within the interests and skillset you already have is crucial for maintaining a career you actually enjoy. Is that not the goal? To be happy with your personal economy, but also be happy about how you maintain that economy.

If you are good with doing makeup, do asmr makeup tutorials! If you want to start an ASMR bookclub where you discuss every chapter after you read it, do that! Most importantly, do it on a different channel than your makeup tutorials. Less is more! If you choose a niche or genre regarding the creation of ASMR, I suggest making a smaller amount of high quality videos for that channel. If you get bored creating videos about only one subject, you should definitely create other videos about other subjects then! But I would create an entirely new YT channel for those different types – and all subsequent different types of videos. This is just how I would do it. I’m not necessarily suggesting that already successful asmrtists need to adopt these practices. However I firmly believe that efficiency could be increased if multiple artists collaborated on a single channel, especially if they kept to a common theme such as Makeup Tutorials. You can read more about that here.

Thank You for taking the time to read this article! Welcome to the blog! Everyday I suggest an ASMR video, and I write an article where I relate that video to addiction recovery or holistic wellness. I advocate for using ASMR videos to fight addiction urges, and I also hope to provide some consistency in peoples recovery process with my daily writings.

x. Spark Twain

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