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The ASMR Daily 34

Today we have a video focusing on Alcohol consumption. As you may know from reading this blog, or from my YouTube channel, I am an alcoholic; a recovered alcoholic. I will celebrate two years sober from alcohol on July 4th and I am confident beyond all measure that I am never going to have another drink in my life. More than once have I driven a car blackout drunk, and the realization that I could have very easily killed someone is one of my biggest regrets, and one of the largest reasons [besides for my health] that I decided I had to quit drinking forever. From the time I realized I needed to quit, it took more than two years for me to succeed in that goal. I would stay sober for, like, three weeks, or maybe three months, but then I would go back to drinking, and I would start blacking out by the second day. I say “day,” because my favorite time to consume alcohol was in the morning. If you wake up, and the first thing you think about is drinking alcohol, you have a serious problem. I had a serious problem too though, so don’t think all hope is lost.

Mr. Arctica has a drinking problem that is lesser than mine in volume, but not in struggle. The fact is this: If you feel like you are drinking too much, and you want to quit, then you should totally do that! This is your world. It’s not you mom’s world, or you brothers world, or you best friends world; this is your world. You must have the confidence to live with fluid intentions! When you pour water into a glass, do you ever miss?

Even if people are trying to encourage you by saying things like “I don’t think you have a drinking problem/I don’t think you need to stop entirely,” just take their words in positive stride! But maintain your confidence. Their words are encouragement, and they show you are, in fact, close to succeeding in your goal of not drinking alcohol.

Asmrctica states that he would have only one or two glasses of wine per night, but still, it irked him that he just had to have those one or two glasses. This is definitely a form of alcoholism, and I learned about it in a class I signed up for a couple a few years back. Fun fact: I was the only person in that class not required by the Court to be there. Fun fact: I didn’t finish the class, but I spent seven months sober from alcohol afterward.

Alcoholism can be judged by how often you drink, not just how much you drink. If you are drinking more than four days per week, especially in a row, maybe you want to take a step back, and look at your situation with a new set of eyes. Why do you drink everyday? Will you be proud of your life in twenty years time? You can lie to you, but you can’t lie to me [however you are welcome to try, in the comments section of our ig]

What’s most important to learn from today’s video [I don’t want to overload you with my alcoholic rambling] is that Asmrctica had the wherewithal and confidence to conclude, on his own, that his drinking was too much, and that he wanted to make a change. Then, he made a change. Let’s all congratulate him on four months sober! Will he stay sober forever? [I won’t even have champagne on my wedding day] That is up to him! As long he knows what the goal is, I have confidence he will succeed in it.


Did you watch the whole thing? He speaks on many factors other than alcohol consumption, including the anxiety he has been experiencing during the pandemic; the anxiety to create more content. There are many different ways today’s crazy world could be impacting you, whether you have found yourself out of work, or you are finding yourself obligated to work even harder! What we need to remember, in this modern day, is that we don’t need to be entertained or busy all the time. Jay touches on it in the video. He speaks of going into nature, and how he feels no anxiety when he is out there. Oh my, he mentions so many things! I could write pages on today’s video! We will have to wrap this up soon though, because, well, less is always more.

He’s what you need to realize: Drinking to cope with anxiety is bad. Drinking everyday, regardless of how much, is bad. Drinking more because it’s quarantine season is bad. Drinking seven glasses of water everyday is required. Drinking in your fill of vitamin D by getting out into the sun is required. Drinking in the froth of your own anxiety is required to do, and you must do it sober, or you will have an infinitely harder time progressing. Life isn’t supposed to feel good, it’s just supposed to feel.

x. Spark Twain

Everyday Sobriety Advice

I am a recovered alcoholic/drug addict, but I am not a qualified addiction counselor. To help other alcoholics/addicts achieve sobriety, I have created the mantra’s below. Although I call them “steps,” I believe that all four mantra’s should be recited in concurrence.

When the urge to drink alcohol or use drugs comes upon you, I suggest reciting these four steps, and then implementing an activity to “kill time” until your urge to use drugs/alcohol is less intense. I suggest you use ASMR videos to “kill time”

Good luck, My Friend

Below are the steps of admittance required for using The ASMR.Community Sobriety Program [ACSP] successfully.

Step 1: “Sobriety is a choice, and it is up to me to make the right choice.”

Step 2: “Not everybody will be able to achieve sobriety, but that knowledge does not prevent my success regarding sobriety.”

Step 3: “The urge to imbibe (substances that I know will prevent my success) is finite. Sometimes the urge will exist, sometimes the urge will not exist.”

Step 4: “Sobriety is not the same for everyone. Success is.”

I believe the steps I listed above are a complete, non-exclusionary list of all mental admissions needed to achieve your goals regarding sobriety.


Everybody’s definition of sobriety is different, but everybody’s definition of success is the same.

* * *

For more daily support, check out Sober James on YouTube. He does a livestream every night at 21:00 Eastern Standard Time, and his live streams are a great place to receive support, gain motivation, and listen to encouragement in regard to addiction recovery. His program is based on the Twelve Steps.

SMART Recovery is another great program for individuals who are ready to tackle their addictions.

If you are seeking spiritual guidance, I highly encourage you to check out Tarot Reader ASMR. Her name is Amalia, and she is a kind-hearted individual with a skill for bringing us closer to ourselves.

Don’t underestimate the power of Yoga! Specifically Yoga With Adriene. My shoulder is broken, and so you can do some Yoga for me too. I really wish I could…

If you are looking or more information about ASMR, I’ve found the best place to learn about the subject is ASMR University. Their information is accurate [to the best of my knowledge], and plentiful. I mostly work with the application of ASMR, but there is a whole lot more to ASMR than using it to gain sobriety or fall asleep, including the history and the science of it.

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