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The ASMR Daily 4

Our fourth Video Of The Day needed to be something solid. We’re talking really solid, like, nobody who loves tingles would shy away from this one. We all have specific tastes when it comes to asmr, but some contributions are **just crisp,** like an apple in the morning. Even if you aren’t in the mood, you can’t deny…that is some solid ASMR.

Satisfying, sustained, solid asmr.

Today, brought to you by: ASMRSurge


I came across this channel in the same way I have many others; YouTube suggested it! In that little sidebar thing. How many of your favorite channels did you discover the same way?


In this video, ASMRSurge starts things off by crinkling a large green sheet of plastic. It is oh so satisfying. He induces further tingles by rotating a bizarre drill bit; twisting motions. First your right ear, and then your left. This continues.


Next, you will hear sounds from something called a Galton Board. I am not sure of its intended purpose, all I know is that it has to do with math. As far as it being used to induce asmr, the Galton Board provides interesting and satisfying sensations.


ASMRSurge continues to use these three tools, a green sheet, a hand-drill, and a Galton Board, through the remainder of the video. He provides great sound variance using the hand-drill, and I think I liked that device the most. The Galton Board I found a little intense at times. It would be interesting to see that device in a dedicated video.


Thank You so much for reading, and joining us for another video of the day!


x. Spark Twain

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