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The ASMR Daily 45

Have you ever heard of the Radium Girls? Back in the 1920’s a group of women unwittingly and unwillingly gave their lives so that the people of earth could have glow-in-the-dark wrist watches. The story of the Radium Girls is a sad story, but it’s an important story, especially in the day and age of readily accessible knowledge. You can learn anything on the internet, and certainly not all of it is true [I’m looking at you, anti-vaxxer’s].

Knowledge is, and always will be, power, so I am happy to present you with today’s Video Of The Day by Quantum ASMR. This girl that has your back! In a world that sometimes lacks ethical educational and quantifiable knowledge, you can believe every word of Quantum ASMR.

Quantum ASMR

February 11th was International Women of Science Day, and that is the theme of today [I know it’s mid-May, but there is never a bad time to learn about science]. In the video above Quantum teaches us about five scientists, all women.

Marie ‘Madame’ Curie is the most famous women scientist of all time, and she is famous for her discovery of radium. She was the first women to win the Nobel Prize, the first person [notice I did not say woman this time] to win the Nobel Prize twice, and the first person to win a Nobel Prize in two different scientific fields. In 1995 she became the first women to be entombed in the Pantheon for her accomplishments [there are other women entombed there, but they are located there because of what their husbands accomplished]. Curie is entombed beside her husband.

Hedy Lamarr was billed as the “worlds most beautiful woman” upon her arrival in Hollywood. However, Hedwig [yup, that was her birth name] was much more than just a movie star. Along with composer George Antheil, Hedy developed a radio guidance system that synchronizes random frequencies [she was a programmer!]. Although their invention was not used for its intended purpose of jamming Axis radio frequencies during WW2, it is still used today for bluetooth technology. In 2014 both Antheil and Lamar were posthumously inducted into the National Inventors Hall of Fame. It’s also worth noting that she worked along side Howard Hughes, the famous Aviator.

Katherine Johnson loved math. She started High School at 10 years old, and she graduated college at age 18. “Whoa” is a totally acceptable reaction to that nugget of knowledge. For several years after college, and again after she had children, Johnson was a teacher at a public school in Marion, Virginia. In 1952, and 1953 Johnson applied to work for NASA [then called NACA]. Her application was turned down the first year, but she accepted a job as a female computer in June of 1953. Without Johnson, the United States may not have been the first country to land on the moon. There is a wonderful book about her life called Hidden Figures, which was also made it into a movie. I saw it in theaters twice.

Vera Rubin was a badass. When she competed her doctoral dissertation in 1954, Rubin became the first person to conclude that galaxies clump together, rather than being randomly distributed through the universe. Rubin also showed that spiral galaxies spin too fast to be held together by gravity alone. This led to the galaxy rotation problem. Rubin’s work became the first persuasive argument for the theory of dark matter. [She did way more than what I just listed].

Jocelyn Bell Burnell discovered the first radio pulsars in 1967; which is to say she discovered the first real evidence of the existence of neutron stars. Originally, her and her colleges thought they had discovered evidence of extraterrestrial life. Alas, is reality ever that exciting? Her discovery did however provide further evidence of the existence of black holes. Neutron stars are only about 10 miles wide, and, in the words of Hawking: “If a star could collapse to such a small size, it is not unreasonable to expect that other stars could collapse to even smaller size and become black holes.”

To better understand Burnell’s accomplishments, I had to review page 121 of an ole favorite of mine; a book that changed my life: A Brief History of Time, by Stephen Hawking. When I say that the book changed my life, I am serious about it. I began reading it while I was in a detox facility drying out from alcohol consumption, and the book reminded me how insignificant my place in the universe is. It made the thought of giving up on life seem foolish and selfish. For most of my life I wanted to be a scientist, specifically a physicist. As a 24 year old alcoholic however [I’m 27 now], I had given up on that dream, because, well, sometimes if you want to check off the boxes next to your dreams, you have to fit those dreams in the confines of reality. Becoming a scientist takes work, more than I was willing to put in. But after reading A Brief History of Time/The Universe in a Nutshell [you have to read the illustrated version], I was just happy to understand the book as well as I did. I will not be making any significant scientific discoveries in my lifetime, but I take great pleasure in being able to explain the phenomenon of the Higgs Boson to people that otherwise would have never understood such a thing. All you gotta know is: The Universe runs on Vibes.

This was a really research intense article today, and whew, I’m tired! Can I throw one last thing at you though? I encourage you not to let my wild thinking jeopardize the good rapport we have built through this article…but…

When the president of the United States is a scientist, the world will be a better place. Also, once the president of the United States is a women, the world will be a better place. If we had a women scientist as the president of the United States, I think my country would become even better than it was during the fabulous fifties!

That wasn’t so bad, was it? lol But I am aware it was a bold statement.

x. Spark Twain

Everyday Sobriety Advice

I am a recovered alcoholic/drug addict, but I am not a qualified addiction counselor. To help other alcoholics/addicts achieve sobriety, I have created the mantra’s below. Although I call them “steps,” I believe that all four mantra’s should be recited in concurrence.

When the urge to drink alcohol or use drugs comes upon you, I suggest reciting these four steps, and then implementing an activity to “kill time” until your urge to use drugs/alcohol is less intense. I suggest you use ASMR videos to “kill time”

Good luck, My Friend

Below are the steps of admittance required for using The ASMR.Community Sobriety Program [ACSP] successfully.

Step 1: “Sobriety is a choice, and it is up to me to make the right choice.”

Step 2: “Not everybody will be able to achieve sobriety, but that knowledge does not prevent my success regarding sobriety.”

Step 3: “The urge to imbibe (substances that I know will prevent my success) is finite. Sometimes the urge will exist, sometimes the urge will not exist.”

Step 4: “Sobriety is not the same for everyone. Success is.”

I believe the steps I listed above are a complete, non-exclusionary list of all mental admissions needed to achieve your goals regarding sobriety.


Everybody’s definition of sobriety is different, but everybody’s definition of success is the same.

* * *

For more daily support, check out Sober James on YouTube. He does a livestream every night at 21:00 Eastern Standard Time, and his live streams are a great place to receive support, gain motivation, and listen to encouragement in regard to addiction recovery. His program is based on the Twelve Steps.

SMART Recovery is another great program for individuals who are ready to tackle their addictions.

If you are seeking spiritual guidance, I highly encourage you to check out Tarot Reader ASMR. Her name is Amalia, and she is a kind-hearted individual with a skill for bringing us closer to ourselves.

Don’t underestimate the power of Yoga! Specifically Yoga With Adriene. My shoulder is broken, and so you can do some Yoga for me too. I really wish I could…

If you are looking or more information about ASMR, I’ve found the best place to learn about the subject is ASMR University. Their information is accurate [to the best of my knowledge], and plentiful. I mostly work with the application of ASMR, but there is a whole lot more to ASMR than using it to gain sobriety or fall asleep, including the history and the science of it.

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