What is ASMR?

What is Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response?

What is ASMR? It’s simple! ASMR is a physiological response that some individuals receive when observing certain sounds or sights, and it usually manifests as tingles down the spine.

ASMR stands for Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response. The term was coined in 2010 by Jennifer Allen, but the conversation about ASMR started even earlier on the website Steady Heath, under the forum thread “Weird Sensation Feels Good,” and that thread was started by
user: OkayWhatever51838.

How To Use ASMR

ASMR has many different, practical uses. Most people watching ASMR videos on YouTube, or listening on Spotify use these as a sleep-aid. Some individuals use ASMR to help them maintain focus and cut out distractions.

Most things done from your smartphone subtract from reality, but I’ve found ASMR helps me stay connected with reality.

Life is The Universe Experiencing Itself

If that is true, then ASMR is the Internet experiencing itself.
One of the most unique aspects of ASMR is the human connection. When I first started watching ASMR in 2013, the content was much more raw, closer to the video above, or the video here =========================>

Does Everyone Know About ASMR?

Many people that don’t take the time to understand ASMR find it easy to crack jokes at such bizzar videos on the internet; “and with so many views.” The fact of the matter is: it takes confidence to watch ASMR, and that is a big part of what makes our community strong, friendly, and expansive. A group of people that want to help each other live their best lives? And Surely Make Revenue? It’s definitely something to have a conversation about.

Can I Make ASMR?

I try so hard to be professional, but I can’t help myself! Much like the asmrtist Ephemeral Rift [one of my favorites], I must do what makes me happy. When it comes to ASMR, it’s important to recognize that the opportunity for creativity and new sounds is forever. For me, ASMR is part of my daily routine, and it’s part of my holistic wellness. This means I will forever desire new content.

ASMR creates jobs as much as it creates tingles.

What Are "Tingles?"

Did I forget to mention the tingles? What about the triggers? The triggers trigger the tingles, and the tingles tingle the brain. I think it’s best for you to discover that on your own. Many individuals that utilize ASMR for it’s relaxing effect receive identical bodily sensations, universally recognized as ‘tingles.’ Even if you don’t get these “tingles,” ASMR still has many benefits. From Aardvarks to Zebras, Yuletides to Bat Mitzvahs, there’s an Asmrtist that has you covered! The independent creativity generated within the ASMR Community is practically overwhelming! No matter your interests, there’s a video to help you relax [and if it doesn’t exist, YOU can make it exist!].

Some ASMR videos teach you things! We all knew learning can be enjoyable, but who would have thought it could also be relaxing?

This is the fun part; Fun AND Relaxing! fr. The ASMR Community is a deep cut – as far as internet phenomenon’s go. Don’t be surprised to find an ASMR video that inspires your fantastical side!

In Conclusion!

What more can I say? ASMR is kind of strange, and since it is a physiological phenomenon which we experienced before the internet even existed, you can be sure it will continue to grow, evolve, subdivide, and grow again!

If you enjoy these types of videos, you are not alone. On the contrary, you might have found one of the most tight-knit communities to have ever existed! And we’re all as strange as you!

Welcome to the ASMR Community! My name is Spark Twain, and I have been using ASMR to better my life for over seven years. Within that time I have overcome an alcohol addiction, quit smoking cigarettes, and traveled to distant lands. Without ASMR as my rock, I do not believe any of this would have been possible. It is for that reason I began writing this blog.

My goal is to help individuals suffering from addiction by writing a daily blog inspired by both ASMR, and my fight to overcome alcoholism. If you or anyone you know suffers from addiction [is it time for that talk?], I encourage you to let them know about this blog; speak with confidence.

Thank You for your time.


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