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Video Of The Day 95 [Annura’s ASMR] – Happy 4th of July!

ASMR is a powerful tool. It’s power has been proven, at least to me, because ASMR helped me overcome alcoholism. Some individuals might feel the power of ASMR because they use the videos to fall asleep, or because they use the videos of fight anxiety attacks. Further still, there are individuals who feel the power of ASMR because they use it to concentrate.

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Video Of The Day 64 [Annura’s ASMR]

Annura’s ASMR is one of the best ASMR channels I have ever discovered, and it’s unfortunate I did not discover her until yesterday.

One year and three weeks ago, Annura began her journey with YouTube. Today she has garnered over 6.4 million views! Wowza@! She is going to the stars, and beyond! 115K subscribers have it right: Annura’s ASMR is really good.

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