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ASMR Wiki Survey

1. What is your real name? Feel free to only supply a first name, or even a list of names including nicknames.


2. What is your age?


3. What country, state, city, or region do create ASMR from? “Nomadic” is an acceptable answer.

United States, Pacific Time Zone 🙂

4. Are you married? If so, does your significant other get asmr tingles?

I am married. No, he does not. We haven’t tested it extensively though, but he tried a few videos before I started creating and he said, “I just don’t get it.”

5. How does your ASMR manifest? Most of the time it’s tingles down the spine, but ASMR Angel says she gets a warming in her stomach. How does your ASMR show up?

Mine is usually tingling/buzzing around my head – scalp and temples specifically. Then that radiates with more intense triggers to around the back of my head and down my shoulders and arms – and occasionally, with something really good, I feel it a bit in my legs. But mostly my head. It definitely gives me a relaxed, heavy type feeling.

Is down the spine what most people feel? I don’t think I feel anything in my back… just the upper shoulders and base of my skull, but nothing further down the spine, I don’t think. It’s so so interesting how people feel it differently, and even more interesting how different triggers affect people differently. What tingles some gives others the bad kind of chills (it seem many of us have misophonia type issues – I can’t stand hearing people chewing, for instance.) It’s very interesting and frustrating as a creator! I can do something I love and get comments that some people hated it, but you never know if it’s just 2 people who hate it, or 50% of people, etc. But then others will comment on the exact same trigger that they loved it! I guess you just have to keep doing what you love and hope the majority of your subscribers love it, too!

6. Do you have kids? Do you want kids?

I have one son, he’s 2.

7. Have you done collaborations with other asmrtists, and if so who?

Yes! I’ve done several. I hosted a huge wooden trigger collab with so many great artists involved, including Shanny ASMR, Jim ASMR, and Gibi! (It was 35 artists total) I have been in a few collabs on other channels – AlyKat’s Tingles ASMR, Kata ASMR, and Rae ASMR, which also included many other artists.

8. How do you feel about the most popular video on your channel? Does it represent your ASMR brand well, or not?

Yes! My most popular video is an over explaining video of a kids wooden puzzle – that’s not really something I’ve done an entire video of before or since, but I tend to do it from time to time during trigger assortment videos. And I use A LOT of items from around my house and a lot of those things happen to be kids stuff, so it’s definitely on brand. It became my most popular because Gibi put it in a video description as a video she had fallen asleep to recently (I was in total shock that she had watched my videos!), and then she did her own version of it using her own wooden puzzle (WHAT?? I almost passed out..) I have her to thank for bringing many many subscribers to my channel. 

My second most popular video is the wooden triggers collab that I did to bring other artists in on that wave of new Gibi love on my channel. My most popular video that WASN’T directly boosted by Gibi is my first Setting & Breaking the Pattern video. I’ve done several of these, including a few variations on that theme. I’d say those most directly represent my brand. (Wow, that was long, sorry!) Although, I am starting to do more personal attention type videos, as well. I’m kind of all over the place.

9. How do you handle viewer messages and fan mail? How do you decide who to reply to?

I believe I’ve replied to everyone so far. As long as people are friendly and respectful, I’ll keep doing that as long as I can keep up! Most people have stuck to comments in videos, and since I reply to every comment there, that seems to be a great way to connect with people. I’m an introvert and have some social anxiety, so the video comments is where I feel most comfortable interacting with viewers. 

10. Have you ever received a message or letter from a viewer that changed how you interact with your viewers forever? These stories could include impactful and heartfelt condolences, or heebie-jeebie creepy-skeevy individuals.

Can’t think of anything. 

11. Do you have any former ASMR names? Or other ASMR Channels?


12. What was [or is] your favorite subject in school?

I was an orchestra kid, so that was probably my favorite class. But anything to do with art was also great – I did ceramics and photography in HS.

13. What was your first job?

I was a cashier at a car wash.

14. What is your dream car?

Something electric, for sure! Tesla, I guess? When I was younger I really wanted a Jeep Cherokee, like from the 70s with wood paneling. Do you think that’ll come out electric some day?

15. If you could take an all expenses paid trip to anywhere in the world for 2 weeks, where would you go?

Oh… this changes all of the time. Sometimes I want to go explore Europe again. Sometimes I just want 2 weeks alone on a beautiful secluded island somewhere.

16. Who is your favorite super hero?

Wonder Woman is definitely #1, except that I’m more of a Marvel fan. I do like Spider-Man and Iron Man a lot though. I’m also loving Kamala Kahn and read a few books from her first series (otherwise I don’t really read comics, just love the movies and shows!)

17. What is your favorite video game? [top 5 lists accepted]

I have zero time for gaming recently. So I’ll go with old school favorites – Puzzle Fighter and Doctor Mario were favorites for playing with friends when I was younger. Gran Turismo and Tony Hawk were favorites for late-night gaming with my roommates during college. I guess I prefer co-op games or at least those that are great for taking turns. 🙂 I also grew up playing a lot of Mario, Zelda, Tetris. And even younger, I started on Atari – Frogger was probably my favorite or Tanks.

20. What is your favorite sport? To watch and to play.

I played Rugby in college, and that was probably my favorite to play (but played most sports available as a kid), but I’d be too scared to play any more! I watch NFL football and cheer for the NY Giants.

21. If you have any pets, what are their names?

2 dogs – Brigid and Eevee

22. What is your favorite movie? [top 5 lists accepted]

Much Ado About Nothing (Kenneth Branagh’s 1993 version)

Evita (1996)

French Kiss

Star Wars original trilogy (that counts as one!)

Wonder Woman

23. Do you prefer dogs or cats?

I love both. I’m mildly allergic to cats, so I have to pick dogs. 

24. Do you drink coffee, tea, or neither?

Coffee all day!

25. Do you prefer Android or iPhone?


26. Do you prefer reptiles or birds?

Hmmm… probably birds. I did have a pet snake as a kid though. 

27. What is your favorite book? [top 5 lists accepted]

Charlotte’s Web is my all time favorite book.

28. Who is your favorite asmrtist right now? [top 10 lists accepted]

This one is also really hard – Slight Sounds, StevieChill, Alana ASMR, Hello Hello, ASMR Aaron (who rambles about sports and just has such a tingly voice – plus helps with my fantasy football picks!!), Daphne Shadows, just recently discovered Madi ASMR, PJ Dreams, AlyKat’s Tingles, Gibi, Spantopia Rose, is that 10? I watch SO MUCH ASMR though, that I think the only channels listed that I religiously watch every video from are Slight Sounds and Stevie Chillz. They’re my go-to for unwinding before bed – that’s when I really love personal attention. Oh, I need one more! Trigger Happy! ?

29. Are you popular in any other industries?

Nope! My son’s a big fan of me though. 🙂

30. Do you have a profession outside of ASMR? If so, what is [or was] that profession?

I have a full-time day job that I wouldn’t consider a profession – I work for a tech recruiter. I edit resumes and job descriptions, some HR duties, social media management, admin stuff. It’s a very small team, so I wear a lot of hats.

31. Did you attend College/University. If so: Where did you attend, what area’s did you study, and what degree did you graduate [or not] with?

Yes, I graduated with a degree in Broadcasting. Rather not say where.

32. What is your favorite equipment for recording ASMR? This could be equipment you own, or equipment you aspire to get.

I use a Blue Yeti, so that’s currently my favorite. But I would love one day to use two mics, maybe Rodes NT1-A with a handheld recorder so I don’t have to deal with using a laptop during filming. (I think that’s how it works, at least! ?)

33. What is your favorite fruit?


34. What is your favorite vegetable?


35. What is your favorite precious stone? [ruby, emerald, diamond, sapphire, etc…]

Don’t have one

36. What is your favorite precious metal? [silver, gold, platinum, palladium]

For jewelry, I prefer metals with a silver color rather than yellow gold – other than that, I don’t think I have a preference.

37. What is the best way for your viewers to support you if they want to make a monetary donation to the channel?

I haven’t set up a Patreon or anything like that yet – I haven’t come up with any benefits I feel people would get their money’s worth out of… I don’t have time to make any more videos to offer as exclusives. So, not sure if I will or not. They can support me financially by watching commercials in full before my videos and revisiting my channel as much as they’d like!

38. Do you accept cryptocurrency as a donation?

No – I haven’t set up any sort of donation sites and don’t have any experience with cryptocurrency personally.

39. What is your favorite cartoon? [This could be a cartoon for any age group]

Currently it’s Archer and I’m a long-time fan of South Park.

40. Are you more like your mother, or your father?

I think a good combo of the two. 

41. If the weather was cool enough to justify it, would you rather wear:

a) Long pants and a t-shirt 

b) Shorts and a hoodie?

Oh, that’s a good question! I love snuggling up in a nice soft hoodie, but my legs usually get cold before my arms, so I’d have to go with the long pants. 

42. What are you top 5 favorite music album of all time?

Beatles – Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band 

Paul Simon – Graceland

The Postal Service – Give Up

The Avett Brothers – The Carpenter

Mumford and Sons – Sigh No More