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Why Now is the Best Time In History

RaffyTaphyASMR is one of the greatest Asmrtists in the world, not only because he makes high quality sounds, and has a naturally good voice and cadence for the job…and seems to genuinely care about the welfare of his viewers, but also because he is smart about his business. Did you see that advertisement? 🔥

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How To Promote Your ASMR Channel [with 4 videos]

– Low and behold, she was just the first in a stampede of new-age asmrtists that made me relax and gave me tingles not because they used soft sounds, but because they used soft sounds to their advantage. Gibi seems to me, to be someone in their natural habitat doing what they love. Now let’s compare her work to, say, ASMR Haven.

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Video Of The Day 118 [Raffy Taphy] – Get Sober with Stephen Hawking

At twenty-four minutes in length I believe today’s video is a strong choice for individuals who are choosing to fight the urge to drink or use drugs by watching ASMR. I suppose it also plays into account that the body of an alcoholic is likely a tired body, and that is just another reason I believe ASMR has positioned itself to be one of the largest free tools for recovering addicts.

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